April 2019

April has had its ups and downs – we spent the first week on holiday and then the rest of the month with two chicken pox covered children!

Clara started with it in the second week of the school holidays. She was mostly well in herself, just covered in spots – she didn’t even scratch that much, although she wore her scratch sleeves most of the time. For 6 days, we were cooped up in the house with the tv and some Easter eggs for company.


March 2019

March brought snow, sun and pretty much everything inbetween. It was Josie’s christening day and we woke up to a scene of crisp white snow covering the whole street and blustery blizzard conditions. Cue panic from me – what if we can’t get to the christening, should we wear wellies instead of heels, is there any point doing my hair when it is gale force winds outside? Of course, my Husband, Izzy and Clara had none of these concerns. They were jumping up and down practically rabid at the thought of snowmen and snowball fights.


Chessington World of Adventures

We started off the Easter holidays with a few days at Chessington World of Adventures and then moved on to Legoland Windsor.

It was our first visit to Chessington and we really loved it. The park was a lot smaller than I expected but that isn’t a bad thing when you are visiting with small children who don’t want to be walking miles between rides.


February 2019

For the shortest month of the year, February has been a busy one.

Josie is doing well. She did have a cold which lasted pretty much the whole of February, but after a few nights of very little sleep she quickly got back into her usual routine of sleeping through. I, however, did not, as her sniffling and snoring kept me awake. Saline nose spray seemed to help her, as did putting a few drops of vapour oil on a wet flannel on the radiator. She also had her 16 week immunisations (although she was 22 weeks at the time) and other than a horrible piercing cry she dealt with it pretty well.