Hey Duggee Toy Review

Izzy and Clara were kindly given some new Hey Duggee toys to try out. They received a Hey Duggee Woof Woof Soft Toy and Clubhouse Playset from Golden Bear Toys.


If you haven’t seen Hey Duggee on cBeebies, it’s about Duggee, the leader of the Squirrel Club. It’s basically like the scouts, and each episode the squirrels earn badges for everything from bird watching to bouncing.

As soon as we opened the parcel Izzy was excited to see the toys. She was pleased that her and Clara could have a toy each and picked the Clubhouse for herself and the soft toy for Clara.

Izzy really enjoyed playing with the Clubhouse. It comes with a Duggee figure and some furniture, and she used her other figures, including princesses, as the Squirrels. She was pretending that they were earning different badges. At the moment she is really into playing schools, so she likes to set up her figures as if they are in the classroom and Duggee is the teacher. Izzy did say that it would be nice to have some Squirrel figures, and it’s a shame that none come with the clubhouse. You can buy these separately though and she said she might like some for Christmas, which is a good idea.

Clara enjoyed playing with the Clubhouse too, but it’s made of quite thin plastic so I didn’t want her to break it. On the plus side, its not big and bulky so it doesn’t take up lots of space – it’s fairly compact. It is for children aged 3 plus, so for Izzy’s age (she’s 4) its perfect. For destructive toddlers not so much – though she is playing with it really nicely in the video below!

However, Clara absolutely loves the Hey Duggee Woof Woof Soft Toy, which is for children aged 10 months plus. Straight away she began pressing the buttons, which say phrases from the show. She likes it when it plays the theme song, and she dances around the living room. When she pats it on its head Duggee woofs, and she copies him and giggles. I’ve got to say I really like the soft toy, I love watching Clara’s face when it talks!

Izzy seems to really like the idea of earning badges for different tasks (a future Brownie perhaps?) so here’s a video of her earning a bouncing badge, just like the Squirrels!

The Hey Duggee Clubhouse and Woof Woof Soft Toy are both available on the Golden Bear Toys website. We were kindly given both these items in return for an honest review.

Writing a letter to Father Christmas

Izzy wrote her letter to the big man this week. We did have to do a bit of nudging in the right direction and point out toys she might like in the Argos catalogue. Mainly because the only thing she has been asking for over the past few weeks is a Frozen Magic Snow Sleeve that she saw on the TV. “It makes real ice Mummy! It really freezes everything!”

I have several issues with this toy. Firstly, it comes with silly string and a refillable water bottle, which are both things I don’t really need sprayed around my house. Once the silly string runs out you are left with a glorified water pistol which cost £30, unless you buy replacement cans at £7 a time. Also, I just know it’s one of those toys that she will play with once (outside in the cold on Christmas day as I don’t want silly string anywhere near the other gifts or decorations) and then never touch again. Probably because she will spray it in her sister’s eyes and we will end up putting it away on a very high shelf, to be forgotten about.


I do feel bad not buying it for her. She should be able to ask Father Christmas for the one thing that she really, really wants. But I would feel worse having to take it off her a few hours after she has opened it because she has sprayed silly string over the turkey, or seeing how disappointed she will be when it runs out by Boxing Day and she can only spray water, not ‘real ice’. Or even when she realises that it is, in fact, not real ice at all. She truly believes that it will really turn things to ice, just like Elsa on the Disney film. But of course she saw it on the TV, where everything looks magical.

So we told her that we had heard it wasn’t a very good toy – that it breaks easily, and we would hate for her to be disappointed by a broken toy on Christmas day. Turns out it’s sold out anyway, as lots of children have been drawn in by the magic of advertising and must have put it on their Christmas list. She reluctantly agreed and decided that we should make some Elsa gloves with ‘real ice’ instead (I feel a crafty ‘How to’ coming along!) and she picked some other toys.

At this time of year, children are overwhelmed with choice. They see adverts on the TV, are greeted with aisles full of brightly coloured plastic toys in the shops and talk about the latest toys in the playground, wanting to have the same as their friends. Flicking through the Argos catalogue, Izzy wanted everything she saw. So I tried to steer her in the right direction, pointing out toys that she will play with much more, that are good quality and better value. And that may have already been purchased and sent to Father Christmas!


Now she is asking Father Christmas for Disney Princess Lego (because she couldn’t choose just one set, so she is hedging her bets), Ninjago Lego and a Spidergirl dress. She has also asked him to bring Clara some Vtech Toot Toot cars and an In the Night Garden Ninky Nonk. Much better choices, and ones that I don’t think the man in red will have much trouble delivering!

Christmas Gift Guide: Ideas for Mums

With just over 5 weeks to go until the big day, it’s time to get cracking with the Christmas shopping. Last week we looked at some of the best advent calenders around, and this week’s gift guide includes ideas for Mums – or maybe just treats for yourself! This is in no way a wish list containing hints for my husband. Honest.

*Please note, this post contains some Affiliate Links, which when clicked on will direct you to Amazon.co.uk. This means that if you click on these links and go on to buy the products, I will receive a small amount of commission.*

1.  Personalised Jewellery

I was given a cute silver necklace for my 30th Birthday. It’s from Posh Totty and is personalised with the girl’s names. I’m also loving these silver stacker rings from the same designer.

2.  Candles

I’m not usually into candles, but I’m intrigued by Imperial Candles. Each one features an item of jewellery worth between £10 and £2,000 – it’s like a sweet smelling lottery. These should be given with an IOU for an hour of peace and quiet!

3.  Me time 

Forget gift cards for clothes, get her a voucher for some pampering, or to go out for afternoon tea or cocktails.

4. Costa gift card

Because mums need caffeine. And somewhere to enjoy five minutes of peace when the toddler eventually falls asleep in the pushchair!

5.  Christmas mug

This Cath Kidston mug is super cute for those festive hot chocolates.

6.  Family calendar

This is a must for keeping track of all those birthdays, appointments and play dates, and I really couldn’t do without mine! Currently we are using a ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt family organiser’ with a column for each family member.

7. Changing bag

Coco Bow sell a gorgeous, but pricey leather change bag if you really want to push the boat out. For a more purse friendly option, Babymel has a range of bags including this one below.
8. A camera for capturing those special moments

I would love a new camera. One that’s easy to use, doesn’t take much fiddling about with but captures professional looking, high quality images. Perfect for my blog and those family photo books. And I really should start taking more photos of every day moments, not not just blurry ones on my phone! There’s so much choice out there though, its hard to know what to buy without breaking the bank, so any suggestions welcome!

9.  Wrist Watch

No more excuses for being late for the school run with this leather watch from Fossil. Okay, so one less excuse for being late for the the school run!

10.  Luxury make up set 

This Benefit Cosmetics make up kit is perfect for covering up those dark circles from night feeds and being woken up at 5am by over excited kids.

Keep an eye out for more Christmas gift guides over the next couple weeks – follow me on Twitter @Kizzy1984 or like my page on Facebook so you don’t miss them!

Mums' Days

This week… 9-15 November 

Izzy had her first ever parents evening. According to her teacher she has settled in lovely at school and is always enthusiastic about everything! The best bit was looking through some of her workbooks, such as the ‘Weekend News’ were she draws a picture every Monday to explain what she has done over the weekend. It’s funny to see what kind of things are really big news to her – like going for a walk and finding a conker, or going swimming in the big pool. I know she has only been there for a couple of months but its reassuring to know that she has settled in well and is trying her best. She is so determined to be ‘Learner of the week’ and is always a little disappointed when the accolade goes to one of her classmates (although not jealous, just determined to try even harder, which is nice!) and she is never prouder than when she gets a sticker – whether its for eating all her lunch or doing really well at reading.


Hubby turned 35, which I’m sure he will love me sharing with you! To celebrate, we had wine, beer and party food with good friends, often interrupted by Izzy who was scared she was missing out on something. Considering that she is always so loud and noisy, she can be deadly silent when she wants to be! She didn’t even make the stairs creak as she sneaked down to the kitchen, making me jump out of my skin and almost drop the pile of plates and very sharp knife I was holding at the time! Eventually I let her stay down for ten minutes and have some party food, and once she was satisfied that she wasn’t missing out she went back to bed and we didn’t hear another peep from her. I made an Avengers cake as my Husband is a big Marvel fan, and we finished the night with a lengthy game of Cards Against Humanity, an hilariously offensive game. (Luckily Izzy was fast asleep by then and didn’t overhear any of the atrocities!)
This week I also got let loose on a Hen Party on Saturday and then on Sunday we went into town to see the Christmas Lights switched on, by Anna, Elsa and Superman no less. Clara enjoyed dancing along to the music and eating hot dogs, Izzy was belting out the words to Let it Go as the ice princesses sang on stage, and was really impressed that she got to stroke a reindeer and meet Snow White. It was a big day for her, and an exhausting few days for us all! I clearly cannot handle any late nights, let alone two in a row celebrating a birthday and hen party.
This week on the blog…
  • We posted the first in a series of Christmas Gift Guides – this one all about advent calendars. 
  • It might not seem like much, especially if your blog has made it into the actual top 100 on Tots100, but this month my little blog jumped a whopping 430 places to number 926 in the ranking, out of over 8,000 blogs. Just making it into the top 1000 is huge achievement for me, and hopefully Kizzy, Izzy and Baby will continue to grow. I really do appreciate everyone who takes the time to read, like, comment or share my posts so thank you!


Christmas Gift Guide: Advent Calendars


This year we have all been very spoilt with amazing advent calendars. We will be counting down to Christmas Day in style with treats and toys galore. Here are the advent calendars we will be opening this December, plus some others that are on the wish list for next year!

*Please note, this post contains Affiliate Links, which when clicked on will direct you to Amazon.co.uk. This means that if you click on these links and go on to buy the products, I will receive a small amount of commission.*

LEGO City Advent Calendar

For our 4 year old master builder it had to be a Lego calendar this year. She usually has a felt Christmas tree which we fill with chocolate coins and the occasional small treat such as hair clips, so she is going to be over the moon with this. Although she will still want a chocolate calendar too!


VTech Baby Toot-Toot Drivers Advent Calendar

Clara’s main present this Christmas will be some items from the Vtech Toot Toot range, so this advent calendar is perfect for her. It comes with a sleigh which plays Christmas songs, as well as lots of accessories which will be a great introduction to the Toot Toot series.


Benefit 12 Days of Christmas Calendar

I was pleasantly surprised when my Husband went out early one Saturday morning to collect this for me – I think he was sick of me mentioning it last year so he made sure I got one before they sold out this time! It includes 12 beauty treats, and I’m looking forward to discovering some new make up in time for the festive season.


Lindt Advent Calendar

As the Benefit calendar is a 12 day one, my Hubby bought me this one too, so I will have something to open everyday in December. With yummy Lindt balls and a chocolate bunny, this is a sweet treat that this Mummy will not be sharing!


And the best of the rest…

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