Our Weekly Roundup #18

  • It’s been a busy school week for Izzy. Her team won sports day, but unfortunately we weren’t able to watch as it was moved inside the school hall due to the weather. She also had her last disco as a reception pupil and got her first ever school report.IMG_20160715_200847
  • I was really pleased to see that Izzy is performing ‘as expected’ in all areas, but especially proud to see her described as a caring and thoughtful little girl, who is very confident and has made lots of friends. She apparantly loves role play, especially acting out Star Wars, loves telling the whole class her weekend news and is sometimes a bit too chatty – no surprise there then!IMG_20160715_200630
  • Izzy was also really pleased with the presents she made for her teacher and teaching assistants. She very patiently painted the school badge onto 4 canvas shopping bags. She was so proud of herself and it was all her own idea.IMG_20160715_201239
  • Clara enjoyed going on a bear hunt at playgroup, complete with bear ears and face paint. She took a long time to come out of her shell at playgroup, hardly speaking to anyone for the first few months and clinging to me, but now she is very chatty and has been making lots of new friends.IMG_20160714_231118
  • It was my birthday and also our 3rd wedding anniversary last week. We celebrated my birthday with a trip out for Sunday lunch and then to the cinema to see The Secret Life of Pets. I also managed a child free night out with a couple of friends for some tapas and prosecco!
  • Despite all the cake and prosecco I managed to lose weight when I went for my weekly Slimming World weigh in. That’s 11 lb in 5 weeks. I doubt I’ll be wearing a bikini by the time we go on holiday but at least I might feel a bit more confident by the pool!
  • My husband did his first ever sky dive this weekend and raised over £1k for the  Alzheimers Society. He loved it and now I’m seriously considering giving it a go – well it is on my bucket list!

Blog Roundup

  • The 12 stage of dealing with headlice – warning, this post will make your head itch!

The 12 stages of dealing with headlice

Nits. The one word guaranteed to send you into a head-scratching frenzy. Even as I write this my head feels unbearably itchy just with the thought of them!

2016-07-10 19.40.46

Getting headlice is an inevitable part of being a child. They spend so much time with other kids at school, huddled together at the desk or hugging at playtime, giving those creepy crawlies the perfect breeding ground. However, even knowing that they are extremely common and pretty much unavoidable isn’t enough to stop you feeling completely mortified when your children – or you – get them.

We have recently made it through a headlice infestation. And it wasn’t pretty. Here’s the 12 stages you can look forward to if your kids are unlucky enough to play host to the persistent little blighters.

  1. Discover a whole colony of adult headlice and hundreds of eggs at the most inconvenient time. Like right before you are heading to work/on the school run. You wonder how on earth they got that bad and feel guilty for not noticing sooner.
  2. Spend a small fortune at the pharmacy for some treatment and then treat everyone in the family, just to be on the safe side. After hours of painstakingly combing through the kids hair with a metal comb and trying not to bawk at the little critters falling in the bath, you think the worst is over. It’s not.
  3. You can’t stop scratching your own head but try to convince yourself it’s just psychological. It’s not.
  4. Wash everything on a 90 degree wash. Twice.
  5. Inform the parents of kids who have played with your infected little darling that they might wish to do a head check. Their reactions tell you if these are ‘your kind of people’ or if you are forever going to be avoided at the school gates.
  6. Continue to check the kids hair every night, eventually finding more newly hatched headlice.
  7. Yet more treatment is applied, double the dose this time, followed by another hour spent picking out the tiny eggs with your finger nails.
  8. Wash everything again.
  9. You find yet more nits. And discover they have spread to siblings. Repeat steps 6-8 over and over for what feels like the rest of your life.
  10. Quietly contemplate shaving everyone’s hair off. Including your own.
  11. You are sick of washing bedding and towels everyday. Consider having a bonfire.
  12. Finally, the family have been nit free for about a week now. Consider getting some kind of plaque made in celebration.

So there is light at the end of the lice- infested tunnel. Where there is less scratching and combing and your house no longer smells of tea tree and isn’t filled with the grumbling of kids who are fed up of leaning over the bath while you inspect every millimetre of scalp.

Until the next time!

Have you had the misfortune of dealing with headlice yet? We eventually got rid of them with Full Marks treatment – what worked for you? 

Our Weekly Roundup #17

  • Last weekend was packed full of parties – one each for the kids and a friend’s housewarming party for me. Clara danced and sang with Queen Elsa while Izzy ran riot in the soft play. Though going to a 5 year olds soft play party at 11am on a Sunday morning was not the ideal place to be with a hangover!



  • This weekend the celebrations continued with a wedding. Our friends had to reschedule their big day when the December storms put the hotel under 3 feet of water on the morning of their nuptuals, leaving half the wedding party stranded for a couple of days and the Groom unable to reach his Bride. Despite the torrential rain this week, they finally managed to say “I do” and it was a really great celebration,  complete with a hypnotist for entertainment, which was freaky, amazing and hilarious is equal measures!


  • The dreaded head lice have infested our home this week for the first time. Izzy started the week thinking it was pretty cool and saying “Aw how cute, look at them wiggling around in the bath” but the novelty soon wore after the third day of going through her hair with the metal comb. I’ve mainly spent all my spare time over the past week, and a small fortune, dealing with the persistent pests – even poor Clara ended up with them – but I think we are finally nit free! For now anyway!
  • Clara has really taken to dressing up lately. She loves twirling in a princess dress, zooming around as “superman” or fighting with her big sister to have a turn with the storm trooper helmet!  It is quite scary being greeted by a storm trooper first thing in the morning!



  • Of course the big news since my last roundup (it’s really been too long!) has been the EU referendum. I was disappointed with the result. Yes it might all work out fine in the end. Maybe the risk will pay off. We will probably recover financially. Eventually. But right now, and for the foreseeable future, it’s created this heavy tension and divided a nation. Now there is a significant number of EU citizens and immigrants who are only here thanks to the EU’s influence – hard working people who have settled here, raised families here and have embraced the British culture – feeling unwelcome in the country that they call home. But, there were lots of different reasons why people voted the way they did, and there were advantages and drawbacks on both sides of the argument. This was a decision made by the people of the UK but we are all responsible for what happens next, no matter which way we voted. We can’t let this one decision define us, or how the rest of the world sees the UK. And we can’t let it tear us apart at a time when we are all facing uncertainty.

What has everyone else been up to this week? 

Our Weekly Roundup #16

  • During half term we had an amazing family trip to Legoland and Chester Zoo. We all had a great time and the girls went crazy when they realised we were going to Legoland – as we pulled up to the entrance! All the way in the car they had been shouting that we were going Slough and were really excited even though they had no idea what they were going to do there. I’ve got a couple of posts planned all about Legoland, which I’ll hopefully post next weekIMG_20160604_081941
  • Of course,  that’s if I ever get any time to blog! Clara is being a bit of a monkey at night times. For weeks now she has been refusing to sleep without one of us holding her or at least being in the room with her, then waking up in the middle of the night, sometimes for hours at a time. It means that by the time we get her to bed I then have no time left to do anything else – or I’m too exhausted to after having broken sleep the night before!
  • IMG_20160610_222740To try and solve the issue we thought it might be time for Clara to move from a cot to a bed. The first night we found her asleep on the chair, the next asleep on the floor behind the door. She seems to be getting the hang of it though! Typically she learned how to open her bedroom door the same day we took the cot down so we have had a little visitor in our room a couple of times.
  • On Sunday we attempted to blow away some of the cobwebs off with a walk in the Lake District. We went on a Gruffalo and Stick Man hunt at Whinlatter – Clara was excited everytime she saw a picture or sign, but wouldn’t go near the Gruffalo or Gruffalo’s Child sculptures. “I scared!”
  • She’s been loving dressing up as Jessie from Toy Story this week. She got an Elsa dress for her birthday but it was really tight so when we took it back to the shop she spied this one and kept saying “Yee ha!” Both girls love dressing up – I think their fancy dress collection is bigger than my actual wardrobe! IMG_20160611_162407

Our Weekly Roundup #15: Happy 2nd Birthday Clara

DSC_0824This week Clara turned 2. She’s been talking about her birthday for the past couple of weeks, telling everyone what cake she was having and singing happy birthday to herself randomly!

Izzy was at school on Clara’s birthday so Hubby took the day off and we made the most of some rare time just the 3 of us. We took Clara swimming, and then to pick her birthday balloon. She chose a massive minnie mouse balloon which then had to come all round town with us. We had babycino treats at Costa before picking Izzy up for the school Spring fayre. Later we all went for tea together and before bed the 2 girls were running around dressed as Neverland fairies playing in a new princess tent. Clara was over the moon with the celebrations and Izzy was really proud and telling everyone that it was her little sister’s birthday.

The next day Clara and her friend Rosie, who turned 1 a few days later, had a joint first and second birthday party. They had lots of fun playing with their friends; it was nice to see Clara playing with her friend from nursery, apparently they are inseparable and follow each other around all day, so it was nice to be able to witness that for ourselves. She has a whole life inside nursery that we usually don’t get to experience. She also loves Rosie and was excited to share their birthday celebrations.


It also meant a lot of baking. I made two cakes – a Minnie Mouse one for Rosie and a Daisy Duck one for Clara. Clara kept asking when she could have cake – she kept asking me to lift her up so she could look at it. It was so cute when we sang happy birthday and she blew the candle out herself.

I can’t believe we have a 2 year old. It’s crazy how quickly the past couple of years have gone!