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Our Weekly Roundup #34

  • The week got off to a surprisingly bright start with a glimpse of Spring, albeit brief. We went to the beach on Saturday and twice on Monday – partly because the tide was in when we visited in the morning, so Clara and I just got to walk across the pebbles, and partly because Izzy was desperate to play in the sand after school. They got soaked going in the cold sea but they had grins from ear to ear.

  • The nice weather also meant Izzy could finally get out on her bike. The rain has put awash to that over the last few weekends. She tried to ride without stabilisers for the first time and was quite unsteady and very frustrated but she did well for her first attempt. Meanwhile Clara was zooming off on her big sister’s old scooter without a care or fear in the world.


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Our Weekly Roundup #11

The second week of the Easter holidays was a bit less busy than the first. We got to spend more time at home, watching films, playing with toys and of course eating some of the many easter eggs the girls received!

Izzy and I went to the cinema to see the latest Disney film, Zootropolis, about a bunny who wants to be a police officer. It was really good, even for the adults (although I do love anything Disney!) We went with friends and it’s so nice watching Izzy and her friend catch up. They are like an old couple sometimes, with the things they come out with!

The girls had a playdate with 2 friends that they have known for the past few months. They have really hit it off and play really nicely together. Izzy loves going round to other people’s houses, mainly because she is very nosey! She makes herself at home straight away.2016-04-13-21.17.24.jpg.jpeg


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Our Weekly Roundup #4

It’s been wet and windy this week, making for miserable school runs! There has also been a lot of cake (baking and eating) as I helped out at Izzy’s school fundraiser, and a lot of dancing as Izzy practices for her second medal test in a few weeks. Generally it’s been a very quiet week, and as I don’t have much news I’d hoped to make this a photo-heavy post, but after looking through my phone and camera I realised I’m getting really bad at taking photos. As in, I don’t take enough. I really need to learn a few of the features on my new camera and remember to take more photos of the girls, even when they are just doing every day, normal things.

wpid-img_20160129_085430.jpg (more…)

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Our Weekly Roundup #3

Learner of the Week 
Since starting school in September, every single week Izzy has come home and told me who the Learner of the Week is – not just for her class but for all 5 classes. She tells me partly with excitement for her friends, and partly with disappointment. Sometimes she will ask what she can do to get picked, and tell us her plans for ‘trying harder’.

So when she came bounding through the door on Monday with her certificate, screeching in a pitch only dogs could hear, we knew this was a pretty big deal for her. She was picked as Learner of the Week for her hard work in phonics, and told us how excited she was when her name was called out in assembly. She dragged me into her classroom to show me the special hoodie that she got to wear all week and was just over the moon. “I can’t believe it, Mummy! I can’t believe I am finally Learner of the Week!

DSC_0431 (more…)

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Our Weekly Roundup #2

We had snow!

On Saturday we headed to Whinlatter Forest to visit the Stickman trail, and although I suspected there may be some snow there, I didn’t expect quite so much! In Izzy’s words, it was ‘a winter wonderland’, and she had a great time building a snowman and throwing snowballs.



It was the first time that Clara had experienced snow, and while she seemed to enjoy it from the safety of her new carrier (which we were trying out for the first time that day), she wasn’t keen on standing or walking on the white stuff. I’m not sure if it was the feel of it, that it was slippery or that there were quite a lot of dogs around, but she just didn’t want to be on the ground. I’d hoped to get some cute photos of the two girls in their matching coats and hats, building a snowman together… but no such luck! (more…)

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