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12 months old

My baby isn’t so little anymore – soon she will be moving into toddler territory! Now a one year old (!) here is a look back at the past month and all the new things Clara has done.

  • Loads of firsts! First time on an aeroplane and a bus, first holiday abroad, first time on the beach and in the sea – lots of new experiences and family memories!image


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11 months old

In just 3 weeks Clara will be one year old! As we approach her first birthday, I look back at all the amazing things she has learnt or done in the past month.

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This Week… 20-26 April

Garden Fairy
Izzy has enjoyed playing out in the garden this week. Clara stayed in the kitchen with me while I tidied up, and she spent the whole time stood at the back door pining after her sister. She loves her so much; it won’t be long before she is running around outside with her too.

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8 Months Old

This has been a big month so far for Clara.

She has moved into her own room this week and has taken to it surprisingly well. The only reason she wasn’t in her own room a couple of months ago is because we were using her room as a dumping ground over Christmas and hadn’t got round to clearing it out yet! But even though I know its time, I’m quite sad that its the end of another ‘baby stage’.

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