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Our Weekly Roundup #17

  • Last weekend was packed full of parties – one each for the kids and a friend’s housewarming party for me. Clara danced and sang with Queen Elsa while Izzy ran riot in the soft play. Though going to a 5 year old’s soft play party at 11am on a Sunday morning was not the ideal place to be with a hangover!



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This week… 14-20 September

Izzy was in school for half days this week while she settled into Reception class. The highlight of her days has been lunchtime, unsurprisingly! All she wanted to tell me about was what she had had to eat. Twice she got a sticker for eating all her dinner. She has made some new friends and in the space of 5 days received 4 invitations to birthday parties! On Friday she brought back some homework – some colouring and reading, plus some words to a song that they are learning for the harvest festival. She has settled in amazingly, although the real test will be how she manages with full days as she has been exhausted this week!Β The weekend was mainly spent at the soft play, as Izzy had a birthday party on each day. We are starting to think about what we are going to do for her birthday – we considered hiring out a hall and an entertainer, but I think that’s going to be too expensive. We also considered just having a small party at home but Izzy really wants to invite her school friends. So it looks like a soft play party for the third year running! All I know for sure is that she wants a Ninjago cake…

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This week… 16-22 March

This weekend the Hubby was away sampling many a german beer on a stag do in Munich, so I was entertaining the girls solo. We were kept busy with two soft play birthday parties (during which Izzy only hurt herself/cried 3 times) and with trying out some Easter crafts. I even managed to get some time to myself once the girls were finally in bed, mainly spent writing blog posts and catching up on Grey’s Anatomy and Once Upon A Time. (more…)

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