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Our Weekly Roundup #23

It’s October, people! I’m not quite sure how that happened, as it feels like we have barely been in 2016 for five minutes, but it does mean that we are on the countdown to Halloween and of course Christmas. It might be almost 3 months away but the Christmas cards are lining the shelves already and the first of October kind of feels like we can officially start planning for the festive season.

We haven’t done a roundup for a while as we have been on holiday. We had an amazing time in Portugal and Izzy was excited to go back to school and tell all her friends about how she kissed a dolphin – the highlight of the holiday! She took a photo in for show and tell and has been proudly telling anyone who would listen all about it.

img_20160921_090508 (more…)

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The Baby & Toddler Show brings everything that new and expectant parents need to give their baby the best start under one roof. The show is supported by Emma’s Diary, and as one of Emma’s Diary Advocacy Bloggers I’ve got two tickets to give away to one of my readers. Plus, if you are not successful you can still save 1/3 on your ticket price by using the code at the end of this post.

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Our Weekly Roundup #5

We spent Valentine’s Day in  the Lake District, enjoying some (very cold) fresh air, sausage rolls by the lake, and babycinos afterwards. Clara insisted on drinking her warm milk out of a big cup and looked so cute. She kept clinking cups with me and saying ‘cheers’!



The girls made some lovely Valentine’s cards (although Izzy gave the one she made to her cousin!) and were excited to get a gift and chocolate rose from Mummy and Daddy. (more…)

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What I’ve achieved in 2 years of blogging

The end of January marked 2 years since Kizzy, Izzy and Baby began. I started this blog while I was pregnant with Clara, to document our time together as a family of 4. In that time it’s grown more than I thought, I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved so far. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my posts, leaves a comment, likes or shares my social media posts and generally supports my on-line adventures!


Here are some of the highlights. (more…)

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This Week… 3-9 August

After a bad start with half our household ill with a stomach bug, we managed to recover the week pretty well with two birthday parties, a trip to an animal park, a night out (for me), a wedding and a weekend in York. Izzy was also very spoilt with two trips to the cinema, to see Minions and Inside Out.

On Saturday we went to a combined 4th birthday party and wedding do in York.  Or Old York, as Izzy calls it. At first she thought she would be able to see the Statue of Liberty so she decided that she had to call it Old York so she wouldn’t get confused with New York. It made sense in her 4 year old mind! (more…)

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