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Clara goes coco-nuts for Coconut Squishies

If there is one thing guaranteed to put a smile on Clara’s face, it’s food. As soon as she spies a hint of a snack her face breaks into a cheeky grin, and she would happily eat all day long if I let her. Even though she is a big fan of fruit and vegetables, it can still be hard to make sure that she is eating wellΒ and not having too much sugar or junk food.Β I’m always on the look out for different snack and meal ideas, to make sure she not only has a healthy diet, but gets to try a variety of different flavours.

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10 Post-Pregnancy Surprises You Don’t Expect

You’ve read the books. You’ve gone to the antenatal classes. You’ve politely listened to unsolicited advice from strangers at the bus stop. You’re prepared, right?

You have an idea what to expect during pregnancy and labour, and are pretty sure you will know how to change and bathe the baby. But what about you? After the birth you don’t just go back to being the pre-pregnancy you overnight. Aside from the fact that you have a teeny tiny human relying on you to fulfil their every need, your body – and mind – goes through some pretty weird things.

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Starting School: Uniform Checklist

Izzy starts school in 1 week. I can’t believe how quickly the summer holidays have gone and how unorganised I have been by not blogging about it! So here is my last-minute checklist of things you might need when your little one is starting or returning to school. And given that many kids have either already started or start on Monday, this is very last minute!

(Cue lots of panic-stricken Mums and Dads fighting over the last school jumper.) (more…)

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Don’t Fear the Mess: Pampers, Painting and Poo face!

Welcome to our first ever video blog! Clara, Izzy and I took part in the Pampers ‘Don’t fear the mess’/#PampersPooface campaign and put Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes to the test. First, we tested how kind Pampers wipes are compared to just water and cotton wool – the special lotion in each wipe helps balance the PH levels of babies’ delicate skin. Then, Clara got messy with paint and we found how well the wipes got her clean again.


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New snack range from Ella’s Kitchen

Ella’s Kitchen have brought out a new range of tasty, organic snacks for babies and toddlers.

A couple of weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised when the postman delivered a box full of snacks for Clara to try out. She’s had a great time putting them through the Clara Taste Test!

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