April has had its ups and downs – we spent the first week on holiday and then the rest of the month with two chicken pox covered children!

Clara started with it in the second week of the school holidays. She was mostly well in herself, just covered in spots – she didn’t even scratch that much, although she wore her scratch sleeves most of the time. For 6 days, we were cooped up in the house with the tv and some Easter eggs for company.

She coped with it very well and the only time she really seemed unwell with it was when she complained of a sore throat and I discovered some chicken pox on her tonsils.

We had a few days to enjoy some sweet freedom (I had major cabin fever stuck in the house with Clara for the best part of a week) before Josie then came out in chicken pox. And she got it pretty bad.

She is only 7 months old and had hundreds of spots. On her eyelids, on her tongue, in her ears – under her chin was the worst as she gets eczema there so it was already quite irritated. We had a rough few nights of no sleep, with high temperatures, and she just wanted to be held all day and night.

Baths seemed to help, in Head and Shoulders Classic shampoo as according to a post being shared on Facebook that soothes the itching. It might just be a coincidence but it seemed to work for Clara as she hardly scratched at all, and Josie mainly scratched her face and neck.

Before the arrival of the pox we went on holiday – to Chessington World of Adventures and Legoland Windsor. It was a lovely week away – despite Izzy being unwell on one of the days (she vommed spectacularly on one of the rides at Legoland, and has been telling everyone about it since). It was Josie’s first time staying away from home, and although she woke a lot in the night she was really good. I wrote a post about our first trip to Chessington and what we thought. It was smaller than I expected but really good for little ones, and we all had a great time.

It was our third trip to Legoland Windsor; it’s a favourite of ours even if on this visit a lot of the rides kept breaking down! We got stuck on a couple of rides, but luckily not for too long and the park wasn’t very busy so at least we didn’t have to spend ages queuing.

Josie is now sitting up pretty confidently. She has also learnt to clap her hands together and wave. It does sound like she has started to say Dada, but I’m not convinced – mainly because the first word both her sisters said was “Dada” and it would be really nice to hear “Mama” for a change!

It was Josie’s first Easter this April, and while she was too little to really get tucked into the sweet treats, she did enjoy a little bit of Milky Bar chocolate. Izzy and Clara were spoilt as usual, and are still working their way through all their chocolate eggs (I might have helped them out a little). There was a lot of excitement when Clara won the decorated egg competition at school; the theme was STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) and she made a paleontologist and dinosaur! She was so pleased, plus making it (and her bonnet) kept her busy while she had to miss a few days of school due to the dreaded pox. Izzy made a scuba diver and seahorse for her school’s competition, and had her Easter Fayre to raise school funds.

What with Easter (and all the school things that go on over Easter), the holidays, a week away and two bouts of chicken pox it’s been an exhausting month! Especially as Josie stopped sleeping through when we were away and hasn’t quite got back into a routine, meaning I’m up several times a night. But she’s still little and we have been somewhat spoilt with her sleeping through so far; it’s just one of those tough phases as the moment!

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