March brought snow, sun and pretty much everything inbetween. It was Josie’s christening day and we woke up to a scene of crisp white snow covering the whole street and blustery blizzard conditions. Cue panic from me – what if we can’t get to the christening, should we wear wellies instead of heels, is there any point doing my hair when it is gale force winds outside? Of course, my Husband, Izzy and Clara had none of these concerns. They were jumping up and down practically rabid at the thought of snowmen and snowball fights.

Much to their dismay, and my delight, this freak cold patch had missed town, so once we drove about 2 minutes from our house there was not a flake to be seen! Everyone made it and we had a really nice day, just family and a couple of close friends.

Josie was christened at the same church as Izzy and Clara and the one we were married in. She was so good in church, she didn’t cry or complain at all. She was happy to have water put on her head and even put her hand in the font to splash around. Afterwards we went for Sunday lunch.

This month’s firsts for Josie include her first tooth. Two teeth in fact, as they both come through at the same time. She has been quite dribbly and waking more in the night, but otherwise she hasn’t been too bothered by them. Nothing that a bit of teething gel hasn’t fixed anyway.

She turned 6 months old and has been sitting up a bit more, but only when she is supported in her little play nest. She loves playing in her Jumperoo too and is interacting with her toys a lot more now. Laughing at her big sisters is still one of her favourite things to do, and she is still their absolute favourite thing in the whole world.

Weaning is going well, although we have just started slowly. She enjoys pureed vegetables and fruit, and has been trying some more solid food such as florets of broccoli and sticks of carrot and cucumber.

We finished our 5 week Baby Tai Chi course. I wasn’t sure what to expect but basically we did some tai chi moves with our arms while sat on the floor and the babies watched. It was all about positive energy – a little hippy but it was actually quite relaxing and Josie enjoyed trying to catch my hands as I did the moves, or rolling over and babbling away to the other babies.

Izzy and Clara both had parent’s evening this month. Izzy is doing well, she has a passion for learning and really gets involved. However she does tend to rush her work and can be a bit chatty. This is no surprise, she never stops talking. Clara continues to settle in great in Reception. She doesn’t always listen and can get in trouble for that sometimes but apparantly she has lots of friends and makes everyone laugh.

Big news for Izzy this month was passing stage 7 at swimming and starting level Bronze. She’s doing great, but she does have a tendancy to spend most of the lesson chatting, which is frustrating when you are sat watching but can’t get to her to tell her to pay attention. Instead we wait to catch her eye and then do some weird sign language, which she promptly ignores!

World Book Day is a March staple when you have kids at school. Clara went to school dressed as two characters in one – princess pearl from Zog (wearing a princess dress and a stethoscope) and Zog. She did have to remove the dragon part of her costume for some of the day though as she couldn’t get close to the table to do her work!

Izzy’s outfit was all a bit last minute as she kept changing her mind. In the end she went dressed as Izzy the Indigo Fairy from the Rainbow Magic series of books. So it was just regular clothes with a pair of fairy wings!

Even Josie got in on the fun and dressed up in a Hogwarts uniform which we bought from Asda – with her ginger hair she was Ginny Weasley for the day.

We are huge Marvel fans and managed to get to the cinema to watch Captain Marvel – even if my Husband had to take the day off work so we could go while the kids were at school. We took Josie with us and she didn’t make a sound throughout the whole film; we are definitely getting babysitters for when we watch Avengers End Game though as I can’t expect her to be so good for over 3 hours!

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