For the shortest month of the year, February has been a busy one.

Josie is doing well. She did have a cold which lasted pretty much the whole of February, but after a few nights of very little sleep she quickly got back into her usual routine of sleeping through. I, however, did not, as her sniffling and snoring kept me awake. Saline nose spray seemed to help her, as did putting a few drops of vapour oil on a wet flannel on the radiator. She also had her 16 week immunisations (although she was 22 weeks at the time) and other than a horrible piercing cry she dealt with it pretty well.

It’s been another month of firsts for Josie. She had her first taste of food, trying some porridge and pureed carrot. She mainly just moved it around her mouth and grabbed for the spoon. Josie also went swimming for the first time and loved it just as much as she loves bathtime.

February 5th marked the start of Chinese New Year. The girls love Chinese food, especially eating with chopsticks, and enjoy learning about different cultures. We listened to Chinese music, read a story about the Great Race and Izzy and Clara wrote their names in Chinese. Clara also paraded around the house dressed as a dragon -any excuse to get out the dragon costume!

At school, the girls have both done well this month. Izzy was Pupil of the Week for her handwriting and Clara got a certificate for getting 10 dojo points for good behaviour/work. They were definately ready for half term though and really enjoyed having the week off school.

We visited a museum – Tullie House in Carlisle – with friends during half term. I’ve never been before and I was really impressed. We only went to watch a bubble show but decided to stay for a while afterwards and look around the museum and art gallery. The kids enjoyed learning about the Romans and there were lots of interactive activities.

Children can visit the museum for free, and I got an annual pass for just £10 so we will definately be going back again! It can be hard to find things to do during the holidays without spending a fortune.

For the girls’ half term homework they both brought home activity passports, with an emphasis on trying new things and reducing screen time. Both completed several activities from their list; visiting an art gallery, doing yoga, painting a self portrait, making their own sandwiches and doing fossil rubbings.

One of the activities was to visit a farm, so we went to Wellington Farm at Cockermouth. You can see a few animals including llamas, sheep, cows and chickens, and a pony which the girls liked posing for a photo with! The tearoom serves amazing food too and there is a little nature trail to explore.

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