January is such a long month. We spent much of it indoors as it’s been too wet and cold to go far. But on the plus side that’s meant lots of cosy cuddles with Josie who is just an absolute delight.

She’s such a happy, chilled out baby. She’s turned 4 months old now and has been laughing and giggling a lot – especially at her big sisters.

This month she has learnt to roll over (at 16 weeks) and has been using her hands a lot more to reach out and grab toys. So far we have been really lucky and she sleeps very well at night, often 8-10 hours. Of course I know that could change at anytime (surely just typing those words could jinx it!) but I’m very thankful that up until now she has let me get some sleep, as having some sleep makes all the difference when you have a little baby to look after.

In January, Izzy celebrated her 8th birthday with a rollerskating party. With hindsight it may have been best to check she could actually skate before booking it as her birthday activity but she insisted that’s what she wanted to do. To be fair she did give it a good try, though there may have been a few tears.
 She requested a Harry Potter themed cake so I made Hedwig the Owl. Clara is already considering her birthday cake options even though hers isn’t until May – currently she would like 2 cakes, Darth Vadar and Paw Patrol!

Just after her birthday, Izzy started cubs. Its early days but a few weeks in and she seems to be enjoying it. She’s been learning to tie knots and build dens, and some of her friends go so its good that she knows a few people there already.

Clara continues to enjoy school. Her reading is really coming on; it’s amazing to see in the space of a few short months her going from only recognising her name to being able to read Biff and Kipper books. I do struggle with reading at home with her though; I just find it really frustrating when she can’t be bothered and just guesses at the words. I certainly don’t envy teachers, they have the patience of saints.

After a bad bout hair pulling before Christmas,  the back of Clara’s hair is finally long enough to put pigtails in. Of course the rest of her hair is still a mess and she’s sporting some kind of 80s mullet / poodle look but she’s loving being able to finally put bobbles in her hair so hopefully it will be a bit of an incentive to stop pulling it out.

When we are not filling our days hiding from the cold and binge watching tv (currently enjoying MacGyver – as in the remake not the original) Josie and I have managed to get out of the house for some mum and baby clubs. We’ve been going to Baby Massage classes and a breastfeeding group (known in our house as Boob Club – even the kids call it that). It saves my sanity getting out of the house. Even if I have lost the ability to have an adult conversation about anything other than my baby’s sleep patterns or bowl movements!

It’s been a fairly quiet start to the year but a pretty content one.


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