2018 was another big year for us. Every year I set out a long list of resolutions most of which I never fulfil. But my biggest hope for 2018 was that we would be lucky enough to add a third child to our family. And sure enough, on the 9th January we found out I was pregnant. So the first part of the year was spent feeling delighted but very sick, the middle part hugely pregnant and the latter part of the year very much in love with baby Josie, who joined us in September.

2018 was mainly focused on family. We celebrated our first year in our home, enjoyed a holiday to Centre Parcs and Izzy and Clara have both become amazing big sisters to Josie.

Clara started school, performed for her first dance medals (tap and song & dance) and moved to stage 3 swimming classes. Izzy started Junior school and moved to stage 7 swimming, plus she has continued to enjoy dancing. We had a few weekends away, including to Liverpool to see Wicked, and to Manchester for the Christening of our niece.

You may have noticed I have been very quiet blog-wise. This is mainly due to all of the above. During pregnancy I had little energy to do anything and for the past 4 months I’ve been pretty busy caring for our little one.

But also I feel like I’ve lost my blogging mojo so to speak. My blog has always been family and parenting focused but that feels maybe too vague and my little website is just a tiny speck in a huge ocean of mummy blogs. For a while I considered just deleting my blog altogether, because if im not able to devote a lot of time and energy to it then is it even worth it? Over the past year I have had a different focus in my life and have published only a handful of blog posts (though I have many half-written on my phone!) But once I do start writing I really enjoy it, and even more so I love looking back at what I’ve written over the years. So you know what, I’m not going to worry about having a niche or what my stats look like, or about what people might think about what I write. I’m going to keep my blog but just post when I feel like it and try not to get too caught up in page views and domain authorities and all the other stuff which just takes the fun out of it.

So what about the year ahead? Well considering it’s the first of February already and I’m just doing a “Farewell 2018, Hello 2019” post I think that says a lot about how organised I am this year! I’m not making any big resolutions, no huge declarations of how I’m going to be a better, healthier, more organised or productive person. I’m just going to enjoy spending time with my family and make the most of the rest of my maternity leave. We’ve got a few trips away planned, just a few days here and there in the UK, which I’m really excited about.

Whether you have big plans for the year ahead or not, I hope it’s a happy one.

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