It’s October, people! I’m not quite sure how that happened, as it feels like we have barely been in 2016 for five minutes, but it does mean that we are on the countdown to Halloween and of course Christmas. It might be almost 3 months away but the Christmas cards are lining the shelves already and the first of October kind of feels like we can officially start planning for the festive season.

We haven’t done a roundup for a while as we have been on holiday. We had an amazing time in Portugal and Izzy was excited to go back to school and tell all her friends about how she kissed a dolphin – the highlight of the holiday! She took a photo in for show and tell and has been proudly telling anyone who would listen all about it.

img_20160921_090508We had little chance to get back to routine after our holiday, as I was away in London for a couple of days. I was on a training course for work, but I made the most of some rare time on my own by travelling down early the day before and going to see Les Miserables at the theatre. It was amazing, a lovely way to spend a random Wednesday afternoon, glass of wine in hand. I then took an impromptu stroll around London, ending up walking 5 miles and limping back to my hotel with my feet covered in blisters. I didn’t have to wait too long to put my feet up though, as I then spent last Saturday relaxing with friends on a spa day. It was nice to finally unwind – I did try to chill out on holiday but you can never completely switch off when holidaying with two kids!


Blog Roundup

I’ve had a new post published on the Emma’s Diary Blog – I shared our story about how it feels when your child won’t sleep. One of the things I love about blogging is the thought that something I write could help someone else, even in a small way. It was really nice to read some of the comments left on the Emma’s Diary Facebook post from readers who related to it.

With Halloween upon us this month, you might want to check out some of our spooky posts for inspiration!

What have you been up to this week? 

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