This week we have mainly been enjoying some sun, celebrating the royals and drinking mojitos…

  • Izzy was very excited to celebrate the Queen’s birthday this week. She got to wear a party dress to school yesterday and they played games and had party food. She told everyone she met including 3 of our neighbours and her dance teacher that “The Queen is 90 you know!” Last week she was telling me how she was going to marry Prince George, but this week she has changed her mind and has now decided that Clara should marry Prince George, as he is a bit young for Izzy. Instead she is going to find a 5 year old prince from another country. But of course she will have to learn the language first.  She’s really put a lot of thought into this!


  • We have finally started to get some nice weather, and the girls have loved getting outside. It just makes everything seem a lot more chilled out when the sun is shining! Clara in particular has loved wearing her sun hat and Izzy is just happy she doesn’t have to wear a coat to go outside!


  • At the weekend I had a day away from the kids and went to Glasgow on the train to do some shopping. Typically, I ended up buying more for the kids than myself, buy it was still nice to have a lovely trip out complete with some afternoon cocktails!


  • Izzy finally managed to fill her star chart, despite a few tantrums. We have told her that every time she fills her star chart, instead of choosing an activity or small toy, we will give her some money to save up so she can spend it on holiday. She doesn’t know that we are going to Legoland – we just told her we are staying in Slough, so now she keeps telling everyone she is going on holiday to Slough! She even asked us how to say ‘Bread’ in ‘Slough’ – she was disappointed to find out people don’t speak a different language there.

Blog Roundup

We're going on an adventure
  • I finally got our Media Pack finished so that it’s clear to brands and PR agencies what I can offer as a blogger. It is my first attempt so any comments or feedback is welcome!
  • We were given a great opportunity by Jakks Toys to review their Disney Princess Toddler Dolls and Sofia Tea Set. Izzy and Clara had lots of fun having a little tea party, and they were so excited when they opened the parcel, they had no idea what to expect! I love it when blogging brings exciting treats for my family.

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