The second week of the Easter holidays was a bit less busy than the first. We got to spend more time at home, watching films, playing with toys and of course eating some of the many easter eggs the girls received!

Izzy and I went to the cinema to see the latest Disney film, Zootropolis, about a bunny who wants to be a police officer. It was really good, even for the adults (although I do love anything Disney!) We went with friends and it’s so nice watching Izzy and her friend catch up. They are like an old couple sometimes, with the things they come out with!

The girls had a playdate with 2 friends that they have known for the past few months. They have really hit it off and play really nicely together. Izzy loves going round to other people’s houses, mainly because she is very nosey! She makes herself at home straight away.2016-04-13-21.17.24.jpg.jpeg

We’ve watched a lot of Frozen,  as its Clara’s favourite thing at the moment. She goes crazy for anything Frozen related, and sings along to all the songs. The girls even watched a Frozen themed episode of Cosmic Kids Yoga – Izzy loves copying the yoga routines on YouTube and even Clara joins in (though she usually gets bored and wanders off after about ten minutes).


I started the Couch to 5K programme. I have never really run (other than occasionally running after the kids in the park) and I’m so unfit. It’s a good programme though- it alternates intervals of running and walking eventually building up so that you are running for longer intervals. I really struggled with the first run – I managed to run for a total of 2 minutes and walk for the rest. Yet 5 runs in and I managed to run for a total of over 7 minutes last night. It might not seem like much but considering that I’m really unfit I’m pleased with the progress I’m making!

Blog Roundup

  • I was amazed to find out that we have made it to the Top 500 in the Tots100 chart for April. We are at number 456 out of over 8,000 blogs!


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