Happy Easter from Kizzy, Izzy and Baby! As I write this it is Sunday night and the girls are currently asleep, probably dreaming about swimming in chocolate, after cracking open their first Easter egg of the year. They have been very lucky and received tons of eggs – Clara couldn’t even sit still long enough for me to take a photo, she was trying to get into the eggs straight away!



This week has been all about Easter. Izzy was very proud to wear her Easter bonnet to school, and take in the rainbow egg that she painted (Daddy painted the minion one for the parent’s competition, which he was also very proud of).


School finished on Thursday for two weeks, and the Easter holidays got off to a fun filled start with a trip to Walby Farm Park, where we got to see some lambs being born! Despite the chill in the air it very much felt like the start of Spring, with all the cute newborn lambs and chicks. We watched the goat racing, Izzy fed a bottle of milk to a lamb and groomed a pony, Clara stroked the bunnies and guinea pigs and loved ‘talking’ to the huge horse. They both had loads of fun on the soft play – Izzy cried at first as she got to the top of the slide and changed her mind – then five minutes later I saw her very slowly climbing up to it, before launching herself off the top. Of course once she had got her confidence she went on it a dozen times!

Saturday we went to a naming ceremony for a beautiful little girl. I was really honoured to be asked to be a Supporter, and very nervously read out a poem. The girls went crazy – running about, joining in all the games, and in typical Izzy style she befriended the DJ and took over the microphone to sing Let it Go, while Clara gave it some attitude on the dance floor.

Today we braved the rain to visit Muncaster Castle and take part in the Easter egg hunt. It started off very wet and a bit miserable but Izzy livened up once she found an egg and she loved exploring the new fairy land. Clara was quite content in the carrier on Daddy’s back, every so often insisting we stop to fist pump her when she saw something she liked – I’m not sure why but she decided that was her thing today!



Now  we are looking forward to two weeks off school and off work (for me), though I might be feeling a lot less excited by that prospect after a few more days!

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