Today I’m linking up a photo of family life to Brummy Mummy of 2’s Wicked Wednesday linky.

This is Izzy’s ninjago training course / spiderman web. Built using almost an entire roll of dental floss (30 metres!) and using the shower door handles, towel rail and strategically placed toothbrushes and toilet brush to wrap the floss around.

I thought she was taking a long time having a wee! At least it was smelling minty fresh in our bathroom!


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4 comments on “Wicked Wednesdays”

  1. hahaha! This is just brilliant. So much like something my girl would do! One of those moments where you don’t know whether to be mad or hi-five them for a genius idea. lol x

    • Exactly, I tried to talk to her about not using things that don’t belong to her, but at the same time I was really impressed!

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