We spent Valentine’s Day in  the Lake District, enjoying some (very cold) fresh air, sausage rolls by the lake, and babycinos afterwards. Clara insisted on drinking her warm milk out of a big cup and looked so cute. She kept clinking cups with me and saying ‘cheers’!



The girls made some lovely Valentine’s cards (although Izzy gave the one she made to her cousin!) and were excited to get a gift and chocolate rose from Mummy and Daddy.wpid-img_20160214_110900.jpg

Clara and I have enjoyed spending time at playgroup on Thursday and Rhyme time on Friday, with a little trip to the park. She loves being able to walk along, just telling me what she can see or intently studying every crack in the pavement. Until she sees a dog, when she then freezes. We were just walking past a statue of a dog the other day on our way to the library and she refused to walk past, even when I showed her that it wasn’t real. This is a fear that Izzy never had, as she would often go up to dogs much bigger than herself and ask if she could stroke them!


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Blog Roundup

My latest post as an Emma’s Diary Advocacy Blogger has been published other Emma’s Diary Blog. I wrote about  some of the reasons I think nursery is good for children.

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