Over the past two months, since our 18 month update, Clara has learnt loads of new words – hot, cold, snack, bag, school, Peppa, ‘Jor’ (George Pig), Doc (McStuffins), fish, shoes, socks, more, again. She’s even started putting words together, two or three at a time – “Shoe on”, “don’t know”, “want milk”, “Daddy’s car” “Bel gone school”. She tells me if she’s cold, if her food is hot, if she wants a drink or snack. When I get in the house she insists “Shoe off” and “Coat off”.


Her favourite story at the moment is ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. Nursery have been reading it to her, as when I started to she already knew it and said ‘Uh Oh’ and ‘Oh No’ in the right places. Now we have to read it pretty much every night before bed.

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The Frozen obsession is still going strong. Izzy got a jewellery box for her birthday that sings ‘Do you wanna build a snowman’ while Anna, Elsa and Olaf dance – and Clara goes crazy for it! She sings and dances and says ‘again’ over and over. Every time she sees anything with Frozen on she points and say ‘Let Go!’ or ‘Molaf!’ which is what she calls Olaf.


Clara has had her first experience of snow, when we went to Whinlatter Forest for the day. She did prefer to be in the carrier, catching the snow as it fell, and wasn’t too keen on walking on the slippery ground. Still, it was nice to see her so amazed at witnessing something completely new, and she soon picked up ‘snow’ as her word of the day!

Bear and Baby are now the favourite toys – she was given Bear by Father Christmas at Centre Parcs at the beginning of December and she ever since then she has had to sleep with it every night. She was given two dolls for Christmas, both which cry, but one in particular is now her favourite, and she feeds her, rocks her and takes her for a walk in the pram. She will push the pram up and down and ‘shhh’ us while ‘Baby sleep’.

Since our last update, it has been Christmas. Clara was definitely not a fan of Father Christmas, and cried on the couple of occasions she met the big guy. Even giving her Bear was not enough to win her over. It was really nice this year because she could join in, and loved singing Jingle Bells, but she still wasn’t quite sure what was going on most of the time!

She’s a Peppa Pig fan and will point the remote control at the TV. ‘Peppa On’. She also insists on me reading the same Peppa Pig book over and over again.

Not that she is used to having her photo taken or anything, but she loves a selfie! She picks up my phone, holds it in front of her face and says ‘Cheeeeeese’ with the biggest grin. She’s just such a happy, laid back little girl. She’s developing little obsessions, getting attached to her favourite toys and making sure we know exactly what she wants. As much as she loves Izzy she doesn’t take any hassle from her and stands up for herself – she’s very much her own person and is really letting her cheeky personality shine through.

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