It’s been wet and windy this week, making for miserable school runs! There has also been a lot of cake (baking and eating) as I helped out at Izzy’s school fundraiser, and a lot of dancing as Izzy practices for her second medal test in a few weeks. Generally it’s been a very quiet week, and as I don’t have much news I’d hoped to make this a photo-heavy post, but after looking through my phone and camera I realised I’m getting really bad at taking photos. As in, I don’t take enough. I really need to learn a few of the features on my new camera and remember to take more photos of the girls, even when they are just doing every day, normal things.

wpid-img_20160129_085430.jpgBlog roundup

  • Project Home has run into February – my efforts continue to focus on finishing the big sort out and putting together some home-themed posts – check out my Pinterest Board for inspiration.
  • Blog-wise I’ve been mainly doing boring house-keeping tasks this week, including fixing some broken links and editing photos on old posts.
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