Learner of the Week 
Since starting school in September, every single week Izzy has come home and told me who the Learner of the Week is – not just for her class but for all 5 classes. She tells me partly with excitement for her friends, and partly with disappointment. Sometimes she will ask what she can do to get picked, and tell us her plans for ‘trying harder’.

So when she came bounding through the door on Monday with her certificate, screeching in a pitch only dogs could hear, we knew this was a pretty big deal for her. She was picked as Learner of the Week for her hard work in phonics, and told us how excited she was when her name was called out in assembly. She dragged me into her classroom to show me the special hoodie that she got to wear all week and was just over the moon. “I can’t believe it, Mummy! I can’t believe I am finally Learner of the Week!

DSC_0431Now, I know that all the kids in the class will probably get a turn at being Learner of the Week at some point throughout the year. But to Izzy, this was a huge achievement and something she has worked really hard for. So we made a big deal of it – she got extra stars on her reward chart (which she then later lost after throwing a fork at her sister and having an epic tantrum, but lets not focus on that), we went out for tea after school one day for a treat and she got to have a Star Wars and pizza night at the weekend.


To top it all off, her class also won the attendance race, for having the highest attendance that week – for some reason this is something that is also of great importance to Izzy and she complains every week when they don’t win! And she reached 10 reward stickers at school, meaning she could pick something out of the treat box.

These are little things which play a huge part in Izzy’s day to day life. These are the things that are important to a 5 year old. And I guess it’s not all that different for us grown ups – we all like to get recognition for our hard work and enjoy a bit of intense friendly competition (especially when we win). It’s just funny to get a glimpse into her world. And yes, I am having a proud mummy moment!

New Glasses and New Shoes
We collected Izzy’s new glasses at the weekend, and she is really impressed with them. These sparkly Ariel frames from Specsavers look really cute on her, and I can’t wait to get some sun so she can try out her new Frozen sunglasses! Not to be outdone, Clara got some new shoes and has been making a point of showing them off to everyone she sees!


Blog Roundup…
I have been really trying to get my head around Google+ this week. I find it really hard to navigate, but have set up a page for my blog. If anyone would like to connect with me on Google+, or if you have any tips on how I can use it better, please give my page a visit!

This week we have shared some of our tried and tested storage solutions for all those toys and books.

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