Countdown to Christmas
Now Halloween and Bonfire night are over, it seems like everyone has suddenly started going Christmas crazy! And I’ve got to admit it’s crept up on me a little. I made a good start on the shopping at the weekend, when I went to the Metro Centre in Newcastle with my friend. We did find time to enjoy champagne cocktails and mojitos though, and of course try out the festive drinks at Costa – which is obligatory when Christmas shopping! I’ve got a few Christmas themed posts lined up for the next few weeks too so we are now in full on festive mode!

Bonfire night
We celebrated bonfire night with some fireworks in the garden. Izzy and her cousins were very excited to watch the fireworks, while Clara was a little more cautious. She watched, but mostly from inside and didn’t like the loud noises. She livened up considerably when it was time for hot dogs and cake though!

Post-firework bonfire cake

Family time
Clara and I managed to get to two baby and toddler groups this week. I used to go to loads with Izzy but Clara is a typical second child and doesn’t get the same experiences! Now Izzy is at school, Clara and I have a couple of days together just the two of us so its nice to take her to groups where she can play with other toddlers. She was playing with a dinosaur puppet, saying “ROAR!” to all the babies, and taking two dollies for a walk in a double buggy. Of course she enjoyed snack time the most, eating plenty of toast and half my carrot cake!

This week on the blog…

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