2015-09-13 11.57.28We had a fun-packed week as I was off work and wanted to make the most of the last few days of the Summer holidays before Izzy started school.

We got arty, with Izzy making bowls from air-drying clay and Clara getting messy with paint. We baked cupcakes – though these were all eaten before I took any photos! – and made pancakes. We read and coloured and spent hours building lego. All the things I love to do with the kids but just never seem to have enough time.

Izzy dressed herself for a trip out to the beach, with velour Cinderella gloves and a bat girl cape – she was pretending to be a superhero as she ran across the sand and tackled the assault course in the play park.

2015-09-08 11.03.57

Daddy and I got thoroughly beaten by Izzy at bowling – she got 130 points to my pitiful 82! And of course she wouldn’t let us forget it!

The big news this week has been Izzy starting school (read more here). To celebrate her first day we went out for a nice family lunch while she told us all about it. Clara wolfed down an entire kids meal of sausage and mash – except for a single pea which she seemed to take offence to. Izzy of course had to have spaghetti.

Sunday’s plan to go swimming fell flat when we got there to find the children’s pool was closed. So the back up plan was deployed and we ended up at the softplay instead. Which is bedlam on a Sunday morning! It was cute watching Izzy push Clara around in the little tykes car, though not so cute when she pushed her face first into the ball pool!

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    • Clara is always happy when there is food involved! Izzy loves school, thank you, she has started doing full days this week and she has been tired but she’s had loads of fun.

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