After a bad start with half our household ill with a stomach bug, we managed to recover the week pretty well with two birthday parties, a trip to an animal park, a night out (for me), a wedding and a weekend in York. Izzy was also very spoilt with two trips to the cinema, to see Minions and Inside Out.

On Saturday we went to a combined 4th birthday party and wedding do in York.  Or Old York, as Izzy calls it. At first she thought she would be able to see the Statue of Liberty so she decided that she had to call it Old York so she wouldn’t get confused with New York. It made sense in her 4 year old mind!

We had lots of fun at the wedding; after a power nap Clara was owning the dance floor until 10pm! Izzy, much to  the dismay of her Daddy, was holding hands and dancing with several boys. As I had predicted she hit the wall at 10pm, when she suddenly stopped mid dance floor, announced she wanted to go to bed and started crying. The two girls were still up before 7am despite the late night of partying.

We managed to get a few hours in York before heading home. We walked along the walls, saw the Minster, had lunch at Gourmet Burger Kitchen and strolled around the shops.

Of course no shopping trip would be complete without the inevitable tantrum in the Disney Store. Izzy also went on a helter skelter for the first time, and after crying hysterically for a few minutes after her first go because ‘it was awful’ and ‘Daddy pushed me!’ and ‘I don’t ever want to do that again’… yes, she wanted to go on again!

Also this week…

  • I got bullied into touching a snake and a bearded dragon by Izzy declaring (in a very condescending manner) how proud she would be of me.
  • Clara loved going to the animal park and was pointing and shouting at all the animals. She especially liked the gibbons and the sheep.
  • She has said some new words, ‘Iz’ (Izzy), ‘Boat’ and ‘Dog’.

This week on the blog

  • I finally went selfhosted after much debate. I picked a new theme last week and have been playing about with the layout. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions for useful wordpress plugins or any advice now I’m selfhosted?
  • I’m very pleased to announce that I’m one of Emma’s Diary’s bloggers! I will be writing new posts for them each month, and had my first one published this week. Check out my top tips for travelling with children.
  • I was contacted by an editor from All4women, a South African online magazine, who asked if they could republish my Frozen article which appeared on Huffpost a few weeks ago.
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4 comments on “This Week… 3-9 August”

    • York is lovely, just a shame we didn’t get longer to explore. We are going to hopefully go back there for christmas shopping this year though.

    • I wouldn’t have touched it if I had a choice – but Izzy bullied me into it! She keeps saying how proud she is of me. ‘Be brave Mummy!’ she says.

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