Month: August 2015

How to Make Lego Minifigure Crayons and Chocolates

Izzy is a big fan of Lego and has been helping me come up with ideas for a potentially Lego themed birthday party – it’s still 4 months until she turns 5 but its never too early to start planning! So I ordered some Lego themed silicone ice cube moulds and this week we have used the minifigure mould to make chocolates and crayons. I’m still waiting for the brick mould to arrive but can’t wait to try that one out too.
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10 things to do in the school holidays

Izzy is starting full time school this year so I’m really enjoying our last few weeks together and just wish we had more time to do fun stuff. However now we are halfway through the summer holidays, I know some parents will be praying for the start of term! So here are some ideas for things to do with the kids during the holidays.

1. Teach kids about food and plantlife by helping them to grow their own. We are currently growing tomatoes, sweet peppers and coriander, and Izzy loves watering them and seeing how much they have grown. (more…)

8 ways to keep kids active when it’s raining

Kids, like adults, need to keep active. According to NHS guidelines, children under 5 should be moving for at least 3 hours a day – this includes light intensity activity (walking and standing), as well as higher intensity activity (running, jumping, dancing, swimming etc).

When its raining outside it can be easy to spend the entire day stuck in the same room, doing static activities and generally being lazy. And I do love lazy days. However, any type of movement is better than none, so here are some simple ways to help keep the kids – and you – active even when its horrible weather outside.

  1. Try some yoga with Cosmic Kids on YouTube. The videos use storytelling to create gentle and fun yoga routines for children. Even Clara tries to join in!


Don’t Fear the Mess: Pampers, Painting and Poo face!

Welcome to our first ever video blog! Clara, Izzy and I took part in the Pampers ‘Don’t fear the mess’/#PampersPooface campaign and put Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes to the test. First, we tested how kind Pampers wipes are compared to just water and cotton wool – the special lotion in each wipe helps balance the PH levels of babies’ delicate skin. Then, Clara got messy with paint and we found how well the wipes got her clean again.