This weekend the Hubby was away sampling many a german beer on a stag do in Munich, so I was entertaining the girls solo. We were kept busy with two soft play birthday parties (during which Izzy only hurt herself/cried 3 times) and with trying out some Easter crafts. I even managed to get some time to myself once the girls were finally in bed, mainly spent writing blog posts and catching up on Grey’s Anatomy and Once Upon A Time.

Izzy was looking forward to getting a gift, although I did keep trying to manage her expectations so she wouldn’t be disappointed. After all, I knew it was unlikely that Hubby would see daylight during his trip, let alone get chance to shop. She modestly requested a Kinder Egg, before deciding that wouldn’t do – she was concerned that Kinder Eggs were not sold in Germany so she would settle for Lego instead. Sneaky.

However even still drunk hungover Daddy, who had left present buying until the Airport, was able to find a toy-filled chocolate egg in what is the home of Kinder. Seven eggs, in fact. Izzy was over the moon. But still wanted to know why there was no Lego.


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