Fun at the farm
Saturday was spent having a lovely lunch and visiting the animals at a local farm. I was not getting any closer to that giant peacock!



Having a shocker
Izzy had her preschool booster immunisations. One in each arm. She was fine for the first one, then wriggled and cried for the second. Both bled quite a lot so her sleeves were a mess.

Afterwards we went to the library, where she tripped over face first onto the rough carpet, hurting her arm and leg, bruising her cheek and cutting her head on her glasses.

Into town and she slipped on a man hole cover and landed on her bottom in a puddle, soaking the back of her dress and tights. 5 minutes later she tripped over again and landed on her knees, scraping the front of her tights.

What a shocker! We took her for a babycino to recover.

Party time
My friend had a surprise party for her 30th birthday so another friend and I made the birthday cake. She loves the beach and is off to Thailand this week so we made a sandcastle cake. It turned out pretty well if I do say so myself! I was also impressed that I managed to stay out until 2am. I’m definatly out of practice when it comes to night’s out.


Dance buddies
Izzy made a new friend at dance class. She was very pleased when a boy was there as she had already declared she ‘needed a prince to dance with’. When it was time to pair up she pretty much barged all the other girls out of the way do she could dance with this boy. On the way home she said the hilarious but worrying line “I love boys Mummy, they are my life!”

Er, when did our 4 year old turn into a teenager?

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