Happy Valentine’s Day to my lovely readers. Hope your day is filled with chocolates, flowers and er, more chocolate. Ok, I hope my day is filled with chocolate.

We are off to the cinema this afternoon for a family ‘date’. Izzy chose the cinema as she loves going there, mainly for the popcorn and pic ‘n mix. She did want her boyfriend to come too, but as she is only 4 we told her she can’t go on dates with boys for at least another 20 years.

Even if she has already planned their wedding. She has picked the church, the restaurant, the food (pizza), the bridesmaids (Clara of course), and even asked if she can borrow my wedding dress.

Our evening will be a quiet one, hopefully the littlest will go to bed long enough for us to enjoy a nice homecooked meal.

How is everyone celebrating today?

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