I can’t believe its been a week since our beautiful girl arrived. She has settled in well at home and her proud big sister has taken so well to suddenly having a new baby in the house.

wpid-20140603_194128.jpgIzzy has been telling everyone about ‘My baby Clara’ and is concerned and loving without being overly fussy.

She helps get nappies and give hugs, and she’s very distressed about the umbilical cord clip as she worries it will hurt her sister. So far she hasn’t shown any jealousy though I’m sure we can expect it when the novelty wears off.

I wondered how she would react to breastfeeding and when she asked what I was doing I expected a barage of questions but once I explained that mummies make special milk to help babies grow big and strong, she just said ‘Ok, Clara is having magic milk’ and went back to doing her jigsaw. She is just taking everything in her stride.

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