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From the mouth of a furious 4 year old

It’s so hard being 4. Or so our daughter reminds us on an almost daily basis. When she is being a little monkey (yeah, let’s stick with monkey) and things aren’t quite going her way, she comes out with some often hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, retorts.

I try not to take it personally.  She is quite fickle and within five minutes I will be back to being the “best Mummy in the world”. Which sounds like a huge compliment, until you hear her say in the same breath that Daddy is the best “in the whole universe”! (more…)

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This Week… 16-22 February

It was half term here so I’ve been trying to entertain Izzy for the week which hasn’t been easy given the weather, being unwell and Izzy generally being in a wicked mood. On Monday she was hitting out and throwing toys around in a temper tantrum and we have spent most of the week trying to recover from that!

We baked…
Yummy gingerbread men. Izzy decorated the biscuits (and the entire kitchen floor) with teeny tiny sprinkles, many of which have evaded the vacuum cleaner three times already. We also finally assembled the world’s smallest gingerbread house, which has been hiding in the cupboard since before Christmas. While decorating it, Izzy announced “I love Christmas. It makes my heart sing”



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