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Our Weekly Roundup #1

Birthday Girl 

This week we have mainly been celebrating Izzy’s 5th birthday. She had a tea party with family, complete with a Ninjago cake, and then at the weekend had a party at the soft play with her friends. She continued the Lego theme with a Unikitty cake and wore her new Lego Movie t shirt. She was very lucky and got loads of lovely presents – including lots of new princess dresses! She kept saying ‘I can’t believe I am 5… 5 Mummy!”



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This week… 7-13 September

2015-09-13 11.57.28We had a fun-packed week as I was off work and wanted to make the most of the last few days of the Summer holidays before Izzy started school. (more…)

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This week… 17-23 August

A series of unfortunate events
We have been having a shocker over the past few days! On Thursday I was rushing back to the car park when Izzy face planted the floor. I then had to carry a very heavy and inconsolable 4 year old with one arm while pushing the pram with the other, and got back to the car 14 minutes late – the traffic warden was already writing out the parking fine when I arrived, bleeding and crying child and all! (more…)

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4 going on 14

My biggest little girl turned 4 this week. For months now she has been telling us that “It’s so hard being 3. Sometimes you are naughty when you are 3, but you are good when you are 4.”

So everytime she is being cheeky I remind her of this. If anything her behaviour is getting more diva-ish. I thought that we wouldn’t be having the whole “You are not going out dressed like that” argument for about ten more years, but last week we had a full on tantrum because I wouldn’t let her wear tights to go to the softplay. (more…)

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