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Disney Princess Royal Boutique Cash Register

Izzy loves anything to do with princesses. And ninjas, and superheroes. But show her something with a Disney Princess on and she goes quite giddy and very excitable. So when we received a Disney Princess Royal Boutique Cash Register to review, I knew she would love it.

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How to get that festive photo – in 12 not-so-easy steps

Itโ€™s the same every year. All I want is a nice photo of the kids to make Christmas cards, or to put in a bauble or gift to the Grandparents. Just a nice, festive photo. You see those photos on Facebook and Instagram โ€“ newborns in santa hats, siblings in matching festive jumpers – and you think it canโ€™t be that hard to recreate. So hereโ€™s how you can do it, in twelve not-so-easy steps.

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16 months update

Clara is almost 16 months old, and her little, or should that be big, personality is really starting to shine through.

It’s hard not to compare her to Izzy, but while they do share some similar traits, they are both quite different and Clara has an amazing personality all of her own. Sometime, I worry that with Izzy’s confidence and energy, Clara will never get a look in, but instead she is really started to assert her independence and show Izzy that she is not the boss!

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First day at Infant School

We now officially have a school-aged child. On Friday, Izzy had her first day at infant school. She woke up at a reasonable time (7.20amย  – which is pretty reasonable for a 4 year old!) and came out of her room wearing only her pyjama top and squealing ” I’m a schooler! I can’t believe I’m actually going to big school today!” She was so excited she wanted to get dressed straight away, and was ready a whole hour before we needed to leave the house. Which of course meant that I had to redo her hair three times as she was looking bedraggled before the rest of us were even ready.

At least we had plenty of time for the ‘first day at school’ photo, and the beaming smile on her face pretty much sums up her feelings that morning.


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13 Months Old

First steps
This month we have had first steps! On Father’s Day Clara took two steps on her own, and since then she has taken a few steps here and there. She has great balance when she is stood up and will happily dance away for several minutes without falling over, but she was just a bit reluctant to take that first step.
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