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Review: Legoland Discovery Centre, Manchester

A couple of weeks ago we kicked off a few days of birthday celebrations in Manchester with a trip to the Legoland Discovery Centre. Izzy, 4, is really starting to get into Lego and ever since I told her where we were going, she has been really looking forward to it.
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Wafer Wisps by Heavenly Tasty Organics

Wafer Wisps are an organic and healthy snack for babies and children. They are made with grains, fruit and vegetables and contain no added sugar or salt.

I like the idea of these, as the kids will snack all day long if I let them, so I like to have plenty of healthy snacks available.

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Review: Claudi & Fin Frozen Yoghurt Lollies

The sun making an appearance last week was the only excuse we needed to dig out the picnic blanket and have lunch in the garden. Izzy loves having a picnic. In fact, she loves anything that involves food, so it’s unsurprising that eating outside makes it on to her list of favourite things to do.

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New snack range from Ella’s Kitchen

Ella’s Kitchen have brought out a new range of tasty, organic snacks for babies and toddlers.

A couple of weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised when the postman delivered a box full of snacks for Clara to try out. She’s had a great time putting them through the Clara Taste Test!

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Zeta Vooom Stroller Review

We wanted a lightweight pushchair to take on holiday with us next month and for those times when it is just a hassle using the big pram. We had a bright green Zeta Vooom Stroller for Izzy and loved it – when it didn’t survive being stored in the cold, damp garage for the past year we decided to buy a new one for Clara. This time in bright red.

Clara was being really clingy through the week and wouldn’t nap – which I now know is due to teething as two new teeth have cut through the gums in the past couple of days! I thought I would unwrap the pushchair and give it a try. Within minutes she was asleep! So now it is temporarily living in the kitchen and is my best friend at nap time.Β In fact, she is in there at the moment and I think she would be asleep by now if Izzy didn’t keep sticking her head in the pram.

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