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First day at Infant School

We now officially have a school-aged child. On Friday, Izzy had her first day at infant school. She woke up at a reasonable time (7.20am  – which is pretty reasonable for a 4 year old!) and came out of her room wearing only her pyjama top and squealing ” I’m a schooler! I can’t believe I’m actually going to big school today!” She was so excited she wanted to get dressed straight away, and was ready a whole hour before we needed to leave the house. Which of course meant that I had to redo her hair three times as she was looking bedraggled before the rest of us were even ready.

At least we had plenty of time for the ‘first day at school’ photo, and the beaming smile on her face pretty much sums up her feelings that morning.


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Starting School: Uniform Checklist

Izzy starts school in 1 week. I can’t believe how quickly the summer holidays have gone and how unorganised I have been by not blogging about it! So here is my last-minute checklist of things you might need when your little one is starting or returning to school. And given that many kids have either already started or start on Monday, this is very last minute!

(Cue lots of panic-stricken Mums and Dads fighting over the last school jumper.) (more…)

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