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Our Weekly Roundup #9

Happy Easter from Kizzy, Izzy and Baby! As I write this it is Sunday night and the girls are currently asleep, probably dreaming about swimming in chocolate, after cracking open their first Easter egg of the year. They have been very lucky and received tons of eggs – Clara couldn’t even sit still long enough for me to take a photo, she was trying to get into the eggs straight away!



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Our Weekly Roundup #7

Mother’s Day
The girls have been busy making Mother’s Day treats this week. Izzy made a lovely card and some tissue paper flowers at school, and she was so proud when she brought them home on Friday. Clara made card at nursery, and when she gave me it this morning she was so excited. “Me! Hand!” she said, pointing to her hand and then to the handprint flowers. She also painted me some pictures at playgroup and gave me a little bunch of daffodils.



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Our Weekly Roundup #5

We spent Valentine’s Day in Β the Lake District, enjoying some (very cold) fresh air, sausage rolls by the lake, and babycinos afterwards. Clara insisted on drinking her warm milk out of a big cup and looked so cute. She kept clinking cups with me and saying ‘cheers’!



The girls made some lovely Valentine’s cards (although Izzy gave the one she made to her cousin!) and were excited to get a gift and chocolate rose from Mummy and Daddy. (more…)

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