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The downside to blogging


A few weeks ago I had my first negative experience as a blogger. I wrote an article for another website about the positive side of sending your child to nursery. A couple of anonymous comments were left on the website by posters strongly opposed to sending children to nursery.


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Clara’s first trip to nursery

I return to work in a couple of weeks (sob) after an amazing 13 months on maternity leave. Clara will be spending her time between my parents’ house and nursery. So this week she has had some settling in sessions.

I was nervous as Clara has spent very little time away from me. Izzy has never been clingy and took to nursery without any problems. Clara is a bit more of a Mummy’s girl.

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Preparing children for school

Nurseries not preparing children for school (BBC News Article) 

Too many children lack basic skills that they are expected to have before they start school at age 4/5. Some are not toilet trained, can’t hold a pencil and struggle with language and communication. So who can we blame for this?

Let’s blame nurseries and pre-schools.


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