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Press pause: Why I don’t want to rush the baby milestones

Whenever I look at Clara – whether she is sound asleep in her moses basket, feeding contently or giving me a big cheeky smile – I don’t want these moments to end.

With your first child you can’t wait to reach the big milestones. We rush to wean onto food, impatiently anticipate their first word and step, even look forward to that first tooth popping up.

As they grow into toddlers and young children, its all about how quickly they can potty train, learn to count, learn colours, shapes and numbers. (more…)

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Preparing children for school

Nurseries not preparing children for school (BBC News Article) 

Too many children lack basic skills that they are expected to have before they start school at age 4/5. Some are not toilet trained, can’t hold a pencil and struggle with language and communication. So who can we blame for this?

Let’s blame nurseries and pre-schools.


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