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9 months old

Last week Clara turned 9 months old. This has probably been one of the busiest months so far in terms of development.

Little Chatterbox
She can finally say Mama! She’s been saying Dada for a couple of months now, but in the past few weeks she’s started saying Mama and Clara and babbling away a lot. (more…)

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Crafty Valentine’s Day Canvas

This afternoon, the girls made a Valentine’s gift for their Daddy. I like involving them in Valentine’s Day and there are lots of cute ideas for children’s crafts and homemade gifts.

wpid-2015-02-10-14.26.19.jpg.jpeg (more…)

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8 Months Old

This has been a big month so far for Clara.

She has moved into her own room this week and has taken to it surprisingly well. The only reason she wasn’t in her own room a couple of months ago is because we were using her room as a dumping ground over Christmas and hadn’t got round to clearing it out yet! But even though I know its time, I’m quite sad that its the end of another ‘baby stage’.

P1090597 (more…)

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Christening Day

A week ago our beautiful baby girl was christened at the same church where Izzy was christened and where we got married last year. Izzy enjoyed dressing up for the occasion in her party dress, and insisted that she wear her christening bracelet as Clara was wearing her’s. She even made up a little song for her sister, “Happy Christening Day”, sung to the tune of Happy Birthday.

P1080858 (more…)

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15 weeks: Part of the Family

Clara has been in our lives for 15 weeks now.

In that time we have quickly adjusted to life as a family of four. Izzy is still very happy about being a big sister – she is always hugging and kissing Clara and telling her how much she loves her. Yesterday, there was yet another amazing moment of sibling love when she she took Clara’s hand and said “I’m so happy that you are here”. And she genuinely is.

The feeling is mutual – Clara’s face lights up when Izzy is around. When Izzy goes to sit next to her on the floor she reaches out to hold onto her hand or clothes.

P1080786 (more…)

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