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Book Review: Rocking and Reading with Jungle Jam

Like most children, my girls love listening to stories and always run to the bookshelf to pick out a book for bedtime. So when we were asked to review a new children’s book, I couldn’t say no. We were kindly sent a copy of Jungle Jam, which tells the tale of Mikey the Monkey’s trip through the jungle and all the animal friends he encounters along the way – each playing a different instrument.


As soon as Clara saw it she kept asking us to read the ‘monkey book’, and we’ve since read it a few times (and as we usually have to read ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ every single night, trust me, this has made a nice change!)  (more…)

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23 Month Update

It really amazes me just how much Clara grows and develops every single day. She’s like a sponge, just soaking up everything around her. I try to think back even three years ago when Izzy was Clara’s age and I feel guilty that I can’t remember how old she was when she did certain things. At least for Clara I will have these updates to look back on, even if I am pretty rubbish at keeping up with them (it’s been 3 months since our last update!).



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18 Months Update

In the last few months, Clara has developed into a fully fledged Toddler. Complete with tantrums and an amazing personality. She knows her own mind, what she likes and what she doesn’t, and isn’t afraid to tell us exactly what she wants! Even without knowing many words, she has her own special way of communicating with us.


She loves her food…
…and she knows exactly where her favourite things are kept! When we get home she goes to her cupboard, gets out a plastic bowl and then stands underneath the snack cupboard, pointing. Or she goes into the cupboard where the Pom Bears are kept and tries to help herself. (more…)

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13 Months Old

First steps
This month we have had first steps! On Father’s Day Clara took two steps on her own, and since then she has taken a few steps here and there. She has great balance when she is stood up and will happily dance away for several minutes without falling over, but she was just a bit reluctant to take that first step.
image (more…)

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12 months old

My baby isn’t so little anymore – soon she will be moving into toddler territory! Now a one year old (!) here is a look back at the past month and all the new things Clara has done.

  • Loads of firsts! First time on an aeroplane and a bus, first holiday abroad, first time on the beach and in the sea – lots of new experiences and family memories!image


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