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How to Make a Memory Jar

A memory jar is a cute way to store and display some keepsakes and mementos from baby’s first year.

  1. Find a large jar and lid. For her birthday, Clara was given a pair of pyjamas in a jar – when we went to use the pyjamas the jar was too cute to just throw away, and that’s what gave me the idea of reusing it as a memory jar! You could either buy a jar, or recycle one. Just make sure that if it has had food in you give it a really good wash and sterilize it before putting your precious keepsakes inside. Warm, soapy water will easily remove sticky labels.P1100948


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New snack range from Ella’s Kitchen

Ella’s Kitchen have brought out a new range of tasty, organic snacks for babies and toddlers.

A couple of weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised when the postman delivered a box full of snacks for Clara to try out. She’s had a great time putting them through the Clara Taste Test!

11136659_1566294990303737_7513379854896465613_n (more…)

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Review: Yummy Ella’s Kitchen Baby Food for 7 months+

Clara is a massive fan of the Ella’s Kitchen pouches, and I never have any trouble getting her to eat them. In fact she usually finishes the entire pouch in a matter of minutes. So I was pleased when the lovely people at Ella’s Kitchen very kindly sent Clara some Stage 2 baby food to review. Her first ‘job’ at only 8 months old!

We received her favourite Spaghetti Bolognese plus the Chicken Roast Dinner, which is a product that we hadn’t tried before.

P1090800 (more…)

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8 reasons why I’m in no rush to stop breastfeeding

There are lots of things I like about breastfeeding – and here are eight reasons why I’m in no rush to stop. Of course there are also some drawbacks (leaky boobs are never a good look!) and it’s not for everyone, but I have had a positive experience so far. I’m not getting into any breast milk vs formula debate – I’m pro-doing-whatever-works-for-you – so there is no offence intended, this is just a light hearted post about my experience of breastfeeding. Please share your own breastfeeding benefits in the comments below! (more…)

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Best Buys for Weaning

Clara is six months old. How did that happen? Where have the last few months gone?

She now has three teeth – which have seemingly sprung from nowhere – and a week ago we introduced food. The greedy girl just can’t get enough. She wolfs down the portions of pureed carrot, parsnip, apple or pear and then cries when its all gone.


I’ve been freezing portions of fruit and veg in small pots and ice cube trays, defrosting what I need each day to save time. But none of this starting with one or two ice-cube sized portions, oh no – within a week she is having 6 cubes worth at a time, 2 meals a day (on top of her usual milk feeds) and still wanting more. (more…)

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