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First day at Infant School

We now officially have a school-aged child. On Friday, Izzy had her first day at infant school. She woke up at a reasonable time (7.20am  – which is pretty reasonable for a 4 year old!) and came out of her room wearing only her pyjama top and squealing ” I’m a schooler! I can’t believe I’m actually going to big school today!” She was so excited she wanted to get dressed straight away, and was ready a whole hour before we needed to leave the house. Which of course meant that I had to redo her hair three times as she was looking bedraggled before the rest of us were even ready.

At least we had plenty of time for the ‘first day at school’ photo, and the beaming smile on her face pretty much sums up her feelings that morning.


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This Week… 3-9 August

After a bad start with half our household ill with a stomach bug, we managed to recover the week pretty well with two birthday parties, a trip to an animal park, a night out (for me), a wedding and a weekend in York. Izzy was also very spoilt with two trips to the cinema, to see Minions and Inside Out.

On Saturday we went to a combined 4th birthday party and wedding do in York.  Or Old York, as Izzy calls it. At first she thought she would be able to see the Statue of Liberty so she decided that she had to call it Old York so she wouldn’t get confused with New York. It made sense in her 4 year old mind! (more…)

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From the mouth of a furious 4 year old

It’s so hard being 4. Or so our daughter reminds us on an almost daily basis. When she is being a little monkey (yeah, let’s stick with monkey) and things aren’t quite going her way, she comes out with some often hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, retorts.

I try not to take it personally.  She is quite fickle and within five minutes I will be back to being the “best Mummy in the world”. Which sounds like a huge compliment, until you hear her say in the same breath that Daddy is the best “in the whole universe”! (more…)

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Wicked Wednesdays

I came downstairs one day last week (after only being back in the house 2 minutes) to find Izzy had ratched through my bag to get the last sausage roll. At least she went to get a plate!



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Book Review: Alfie and Grandma, by Shirley Hughes

We were lucky enough to be sent the new Shirley Hughes children’s book to review by Penguin Random House.

The book contains three previously published stories – Looking for Winnie, A Journey to the North Pole and Lost Sheep – which have been brought together in a new collection focusing on Alfie’s adventures at Grandma’s House.

P1090785 (more…)

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