Taking Holidays During Term Time

If you are a parent of school aged children you may well have seen the news today that the Supreme Court has ruled a Father who took his seven year old daughter out of school for a week to go to Florida broke the law.

If you go on holiday during term time, your child’s school may report you to the local authority – and if you don’t pay the fine you could be prosecuted. Essentially, let your child miss a day of school for a reason other than illness and you are committing a criminal offence.


Our Weekly Roundup #34

  • The week got off to a surprisingly bright start with a glimpse of Spring, albeit brief. We went to the beach on Saturday and twice on Monday – partly because the tide was in when we visited in the morning, so Clara and I just got to walk across the pebbles, and partly because Izzy was desperate to play in the sand after school. They got soaked going in the cold sea but they had grins from ear to ear.

  • The nice weather also meant Izzy could finally get out on her bike. The rain has put awash to that over the last few weekends. She tried to ride without stabilisers for the first time and was quite unsteady and very frustrated but she did well for her first attempt. Meanwhile Clara was zooming off on her big sister’s old scooter without a care or fear in the world.


Our Weekly Roundup #33

  • Last weekend Izzy and I went to see the new Disney Beauty and the Beast film… and it was amazing. Very true to the original Disney animation, with the familiar songs and even down to many of the lines spoken, but with a few added extras fitting in nicely. I’ve even downloaded the soundtrack so if anyone passes me in the car I’m not in pain – I’m just belting out songs and imagining I’m an actual Disney Princess. Izzy loved it too though it was a bit dark in places so some young children might be a little scared.


In the Night Garden Live – Save £5 on tickets to see Igglepiggle and friends!

Last year we took the girls to see In the Night Garden Live. They both loved it – and I’m pleased to be able to take them back again this year to review the show. Experience it for yourself – and save up to £5* with our discount code!

Tickets are now on sale for the world’s only live production of the popular Cbeebies show. Visiting London, Birmingham and Manchester this Summer, In the Night Garden Live is an amazing musical theatre experience for all the family. Your favourite characters are brought to life on stage using a mix of full-size costumes and puppets, to transport you to the magical world of In the Night Garden.


Our Weekly Roundup #32

  • This week we have two visitors staying with us – Clara brought home George the Bear from nursery to stay for the week, and then Izzy was picked to bring home Ed the Ted from school. They were both so excited that it was their turn and that their teddies could be friends.

Of course it means having to do fun things that we can take photos of and write about in their books. And as the weather has been rubbish the photo opportunities have been few and far between. We did head out for lunch today and went out to do a few jobs yesterday – but most of the weekend has been spent cuddled up on the sofa introducing the girls to the Harry Potter films. Izzy is a huge fan already so I think we will have to buy the books next.