What’s Inside Your Tummy, Mummy?

We bought this book for our 3 year old to explain why mummy is getting fat. Well, fatter. Each page tells the child what happens each month of pregnancy.

Izzy was stood in the fruit and veg aisle is Tesco and suddenly started to get very excited when she spotted a pineapple – as her book told her thats how big baby Nemo is this month. So she preceeded to tell everyone in sight about how her mummy has a pineapple sized baby in her belly.


Enjoying motherhood isn’t a cop out

Katie Hopkins’ latest rant is about full time mothers. 

I really don’t get this woman. She basically spends her her time dishing out controversial parenting advice despite spending so little time with her own children and seemingly having such intense hatred for anything to do with motherhood. She considers being a full time mum as some kind of cop out from ‘real life’. Even part time workers don’t get a break, with her seeing that as not being committed enough to a career. Working full time might work for her. It might work for many mothers, as all families and situations are different. But it’s about choice. She makes it sound like women should be ashamed to enjoy motherhood. As if it goes against everything that generations of women have fought so hard for in terms of gender equality.


Welcome to my blog

I feel like I should be upfront and say this blog is essentially a Mummy blog. It won’t always be about baby sick and toddler tantrums though – after all there is more to me than being a parent. In fact that is why I am starting this blog. I used to blog a lot – prior to my first pregnancy and mostly about failed dating disasters (anonymously of course) – but that fell by the wayside as I concentrated on getting to grips with being a new mum, and then with the realities of juggling family with work.