4 going on 14

My biggest little girl turned 4 this week. For months now she has been telling us that “It’s so hard being 3. Sometimes you are naughty when you are 3, but you are good when you are 4.”

So everytime she is being cheeky I remind her of this. If anything her behaviour is getting more diva-ish. I thought that we wouldn’t be having the whole “You are not going out dressed like that” argument for about ten more years, but last week we had a full on tantrum because I wouldn’t let her wear tights to go to the softplay. (more…)

Baby’s First Christmas

Clara’s first Christmas mainly involved her being dressed up as an elf and trying to eat wrapping paper.

Of course she had no clue what was going on but it was still lovely to see the look on her face as she took in all the lights and brightly coloured decorations, listened to Izzy’s animated renditions of Jingle Bells and tried to eat the carrot that was left out for Rudolph.

Izzy had Christmas sussed this year. She could still remember some things from last year but had a much better grasp of what was going on. She dictated wrote her letter to Father Christmas, as well as telling the big man on three separate visits what she would like – Elsa and Anna dresses, walkie talkies and a Lucy dog. She was also very insistent that he shouldn’t forget about Clara and he had to make sure that she was on the nice list and bring her a new teething toy. Because she’s been very good and she has a lot of teeth you know. Santa got quite the back story. (more…)

Handprint Christmas Bunting

Pinterest has been inspiring me with its wealth of Christmas crafts, and I especially love the festive hand and foot prints. Having already sent cards and made tree decorations, I wanted another way to show off display some of Izzy and Clara’s artwork – so I made it into bunting to hang over the fireplace.

image (more…)

Best Buys for Weaning

Clara is six months old. How did that happen? Where have the last few months gone?

She now has three teeth – which have seemingly sprung from nowhere – and a week ago we introduced food. The greedy girl just can’t get enough. She wolfs down the portions of pureed carrot, parsnip, apple or pear and then cries when its all gone.


I’ve been freezing portions of fruit and veg in small pots and ice cube trays, defrosting what I need each day to save time. But none of this starting with one or two ice-cube sized portions, oh no – within a week she is having 6 cubes worth at a time, 2 meals a day (on top of her usual milk feeds) and still wanting more. (more…)