Our October Roundup

Autumn is here and its getting cold – and cosy. I don’t mind the dark nights when I’m safely at home, but its pretty rubbish driving home from work in the dark. Still, it’s a sure sign that it’s not too long until Christmas, and this month I’ve been making progress with present shopping – and putting together some Christmas Gift Guide blog posts to share some inspiration. So check out my round-up of personalised photo gift ideas and favourite subscription boxes.

  • The best thing that happened this month was that we had our first Halloween in our new home. This meant that the girls could really get into trick or treating and they loved getting dressed up and visiting the neighbours’ houses – almost as much as they loved answering the door to all the ghosts and ghouls! Clara dressed as a skeleton (and finally agreed to let me paint her face as a skeleton, after days of insisting she wanted to be a tiger), while Izzy was a bat/witch (I’m not really sure what her outfit was supposed to be!) They are properly at home here and Clara showed that by the way she was running up the street as fast as her little legs would go, announcing whose house she wanted to go to next. She knows who lives where and wasn’t shy about knocking on doors (repeatedly in some cases!)


Subscription Gift Ideas for Everyone

I love subscription gifts – there’s something out there for everyone and you get to enjoy the excitement of receiving a gift every month. There are subscription gifts to suit a wide range of budgets and tastes – you can find something for all the family.

1. For Cheese Lovers
If you like cheese, and you like toasties, then imagine being sent all the ingredients you need to make your own cheese toastie every week, fortnight or month. And not just any old cheese toastie, these are gourmet ones in a range of flavours; you can choose from sweet (including ingredients such as chocolate and marshmallows) or savoury.


Photo gifts for all the family with Bags of Love

I love personalised gifts; they are unique and thoughtful. They are especially great when you have kids, as photos of your precious offspring make perfect gifts for all the family.  However, there’s only so many mugs you can give – don’t get me wrong, I love photo mugs – but I don’t think the grandparents would like to receive one every single year.

Bags of Love have loads of great photo gift ideas – including mugs – and they very kindly sent us a personalised wall clock featuring a photo of our choice. (more…)

Our September Roundup

I can’t believe it’s October already – how did that happen? It’s full on Autumn now, and the temperature is making sure we don’t forget it. This month we have Halloween to look forward too, and even though the kids have only been back at school for 5 minutes it will be half term before we know it. But here I’m taking a look back at September, and what we got up to:

  • Izzy went back to school after the Summer holidays, and is now in Year 2. She missed her friends and teachers loads, so she was really pleased to be back and so far is enjoying it. They have already had a Pirate themed week and a school trip to a local museum, so she’s certainly got off to a busy start.