January 2019

January is such a long month. We spent much of it indoors as it’s been too wet and cold to go far. But on the plus side that’s meant lots of cosy cuddles with Josie who is just an absolute delight.

She’s such a happy, chilled out baby. She’s turned 4 months old now and has been laughing and giggling a lot – especially at her big sisters.



2018 was another big year for us. Every year I set out a long list of resolutions most of which I never fulfil. But my biggest hope for 2018 was that we would be lucky enough to add a third child to our family. And sure enough, on the 9th January we found out I was pregnant. So the first part of the year was spent feeling delighted but very sick, the middle part hugely pregnant and the latter part of the year very much in love with baby Josie, who joined us in September.


5 gifts for Baby’s First Christmas

This year we will be spending Christmas as a family of 5, with our newest addition Josie. She will be 13 weeks old on Christmas Day; too young to know what’s going on but all the same we want to celebrate her first ever Christmas. We’ve bought a few things to mark the occassion, but most of all we are looking forward to having some chilled out family time over the Christmas break and lots of cosy Josie cuddles.


A Weekend in Bowness-on-Windermere

A few weeks ago the Hubby and I managed to nab a child-free weekend. We thought we’d make the most of the opportunity and have a couple of nights away before the arrival of baby number 3. It was a double celebration – falling the weekend after my birthday and our 5 year wedding anniversary.

We headed to Bowness-on-Windermere. We are lucky to live close enough to the Lake District to spend plenty of day trips there, but it’s also nice to have a night or two away without having to travel too far – especially in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy!


Review: Lifeway Kefir smoothies – for a quick and healthy breakfast

I don’t know about you, but I am always in such a rush in the mornings to get everyone ready and out of the house for nursery, school and work. I often don’t have time to make breakfast for myself, especially as the kids eat out of the house, but I also don’t function well without something to eat early on.

Smoothies or yoghurt drinks could be a useful solution as they can be grabbed from the fridge on the way out of the house and consumed on the go or once you get to work.

We were sent some samples of Lifeway Kefir to try out in return for an honest review. Lifeway Kefir is a live and active cultured milk smoothie drink, a bit like a drinkable yoghurt. You can drink it on it’s own, enjoy it over cereal or fruit, or add to fruit smoothies – and it comes in different flavours including original, mango, blueberry and strawberry.