Frozen Northern Lights Elsa Review

To celebrate the premiere of the Frozen Northern Lights animated series on Disney Channel, Izzy and Clara were sent a Frozen Northern Lights Elsa Doll by Jakks Pacific.


The animated shorts follow Queen Elsa and her sister Anna on an adventure to bring the Northern Lights back to Arendelle – and now Frozen fans can help Elsa restore the Northern Lights with this interactive doll. Elsa sings (Let it go – of course), says over 40 phrases and if you wave your hand over the snowflake you can help Elsa find the Northern Lights and create a magical light show. (more…)

Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers for Kids

It’s only 2 weeks to go until the big day – and those Christmas preparations are in full swing! Presents have been bought, the tree is up, the turkey is ordered and now it’s down to sorting out those finishing touches. But while the presents for under the tree may have been bought, what about stocking fillers? It was an orange and a pack of knickers when I was little, but I think my five year old would think Father Christmas had lost it if he was leaving fruit and underwear in her stocking! So instead he will be leaving a few little toys, bubbles, and some chocolate coins. If you are still looking for some inspiration, here’s a roundup of some small gifts that would be perfect to find in those stockings on Christmas morning.



Give the Gift of Fizz with Bubble Box

With the cold nights drawing in, I like nothing more than a quiet night at home, watching a film or playing board games and enjoying a glass or two of something fizzy. Sure, I’d like to say that I’m gearing up for the party season but the reality is that my two young children have a better social life than me. Weekends used to mean staying out until 2am and drinking the bar dry… now I prefer slippers to stilettos and weekends are a chance to unwind and celebrate another week of surviving the school run.


So when we had the chance to try out a Bubble Club delivery, I was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately when it first arrived I was suffering from food poisoning so for a couple of weeks the box just sat there taunting me. However, once I was feeling well again, what better way to celebrate my recovery than with a glass of Prosecco!


Homemade gifts for kids to make

When it comes to Christmas, I think it’s nice for the kids to get involved with making cards and presents – especially for grandparents and teachers.

In this busy festive season, time is of the essence – plus I know my little ones are fiercely independent and like to do as much as they can themselves. You want homemade gifts that look nice but are fairly easy for children to make. Here’s a round-up of some of the gifts that we have made in the past, plus a few new ideas.


Our Weekly Roundup #27

It’s been a few weeks since our last update. We’ve been busy here – Hubby has just got back from a week away with work, we’ve been in full on Christmas prep mode and I’m finally starting to feel better after a bad bout of illness.

  • After thinking we were all over the sickness bug it came back with a vengeance – well, for me at least! Turns out I actually had food poisoning, although I didn’t find that out until I had been ill on and off for 3 weeks. Fortunately, I’ve been feeling okay for a couple of weeks now, but unfortunately I have put on most of the weight I lost while I was ill!
  • It’s nearly December! I decided I wanted to get all the presents bought by the end of November, so that I could spend December doing nice festive things rather than trudging around the shops getting stressed and panic buying gifts that will never get used. And I’ve done it! All the presents have been bought and most have been wrapped – I’m just waiting for the last few online orders to arrive. I’ve never been this organised for Christmas before, and while there is still a lot on my to do list I’m feeling quite smug that I’ve ticked off the worst job – shopping!