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How to make an aquarium cake

A friend and I made this cake for our other friend’s 30th birthday. And, if I do say so myself, it is pretty epic. There is a long standing tradition of buying each other fish themed gifts, a running joke of sorts, so when it came to deciding what cake to make, we knew it had to involve fish somehow.

2015-08-29_16.38.10[1] (more…)

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Easter baking: Chick Cupcakes

Easter, like any holiday, is a good excuse for some themed baking. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like an excuse to eat cake.

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How to Make: A Sandcastle Cake

A friend and I made this sandcastle cake for a surprise 30th birthday party. We were both pretty impressed with how it turned out so I thought I would share how to make it. Blogging about it was a bit of an afterthought though so apologies for the lack of ‘in progress’ photos!

The good thing about this cake is that it doesn’t need to look perfect and completely symmetrical. You can use whatever size and shape cake tins you have, and your castle can be as adventurous and as detailed – or as simple – as you like.

wpid-2015-03-21-20.09.32.jpg.jpeg (more…)

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Happy Pancake Day


I love pancakes, and Pancake Day is the perfect excuse to have dessert as a main meal! We have had a couple of trial runs over the past few weeks already and we will be scoffing pancakes for tea after this evening’s swimming lesson. Though I must confess, I am tempted to make some for lunch too! (more…)

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