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Disney Emoji Series 2 Review

We were recently sent some Disney Emoji toys to review. Series 2 is out now and includes popular Disney and Pixar characters from the Disney Emoji Blitz smart phone game.

You can watch Izzy and Clara open their new toys on our YouTube channel!

We were sent one each of the latest series 2 range:

The smallest pocket money pack at rrp £2.99 includes 2 surprise emojis – we opened the Beast and a gold coloured Moana (although Izzy did think this was Ariel at first as they do look similar in gold emoji form!) The gold ones are rare compared to the other emoji collectables and for some reason Izzy and Clara are both obsessed with getting rare ones whenever they open any surprise boxes/blind bags, even though I’m not quite sure they understand what it means! The bubble pack also doubles as a mini display case for the emojis and multiple ones can be stacked together.

This pack (rrp £5.99) includes 5 emojis all together – including 1 surprise one. The pack we were sent came with Walle, a Minnie Mouse bow, Olaf and Belle – plus a super squishy surprise Mickey Mouse glove.

This collectable tin, at rrp £9.99, is a great idea as it’s somewhere simple and compact to store all the mini emoji figures. The top is designed to look like a mobile phone screen and the tin has pictures of different characters on. It also comes with 2 emojis – we got Tinkerbell and Chip.

The Chatties, rrp £9.99, are super cute. They come in 4 different characters and each have 10 sounds. Clara loves Nemo and can be heard on the vlog talking about how she was called Nemo before she was born, when we used that as a nickname for my bump! This was definitely Clara’s favourite of all the Emoji toys and she claimed it for herself straight away.

There are two different Swapsies – Belle and Minnie Mouse. Each cushion-like plush comes with different facial expressions which attach with velcro and allow you to create your own emojis. There’s even a little pocket at the back to store all the loose pieces so you don’t lose them. Isabel loves the Belle one and couldn’t wait to show her friend when she came for a sleepover!

 As you can see from our vlog, the girls loved opening their new toys, especially finding out which surprise emojis they had got. They love anything that has that surprise element and the Chatbubble pack is good as a pocket money collectable. Thanks to Vivid and Norton & Co for the chance to review the Disney Emoji range.

Disney Emoji Series 2 are available to buy now, with Series 3 coming later in the year.

*We were kindly sent these items in exchange for a review. All words and opinions are my own (or those of Izzy and Clara!)

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Disney Princess Itty Bittys from Hallmark

The girls (and I) love anything and everything Disney – in fact we’ve just got back from a few days at Disneyland Paris. Izzy and Clara especially love everything about the Princesses – from the dresses and tiaras to the dancing and adventures – so they were really pleased to be sent some of the new Disney Princess Itty Bitty range to review!

We were kindly sent six new Itty Bittys by Hallmark – Rapunzel, Aurora, Tinkerbell, Ariel, Belle and the Beast. The cute collectibles make perfect stocking fillers, for Disney fans of any age. There’s also a range of Frozen characters available – including Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Sven – as well as Superheroes from both the DC and Marvel franchises, and a huge range of Star Wars Itty Bittys. Izzy and Clara reviewed the Star Wars collection earlier this year – you can read our review here, or better yet watch the video they made, they really made me laugh with this one! (more…)

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“Don’t Be A Donkey” Family Game Review

We love playing games as a family; its nice to take some time out from rushing about and just sit down for some quality time together. When we were sent the game “Don’t be a Donkey” to try out recently, the kids couldn’t wait to play it.

There are two ways to play this game – if there are only 2 players the game is essentially snap. For 3-4 players, the game involves passing on a card to the next player until one player has a set of 4 matching cards. In either game, as soon as a match is made the player shouts Donkey and everyone has to grab a carrot as quick as they can – but of course there aren’t enough for everyone so the player who doesn’t get a carrot loses that round.


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Gift Ideas for Children – Under £15

Looking for some gift giving inspiration this Christmas? I’ve rounded up my favourite gifts for children – and the best bit is they are all under £15! Whether your little one is into princesses, crafts, science, cars – or all of the above – there’s something for everyone.

This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. That means that if you click on any of the Amazon links in this post and go on to make a purchase, I will make a small amount of commission, but this won’t affect your purchase in any way.

1. Paw Patrol Fuzzy-Felt

I used to love playing with Fuzzy Felts when I was little – so when we were sent this Paw Patrol version by John Adams Toys I knew Clara would love it. The set includes over 70 felt shapes and a felt play board, so your Paw Patrol fans can recreate all their favourite scenes with the Ryder and the pups. Available on Amazon for £8.20.


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Subscription Gift Ideas for Everyone

I love subscription gifts – there’s something out there for everyone and you get to enjoy the excitement of receiving a gift every month. There are subscription gifts to suit a wide range of budgets and tastes – you can find something for all the family.

1. For Cheese Lovers
If you like cheese, and you like toasties, then imagine being sent all the ingredients you need to make your own cheese toastie every week, fortnight or month. And not just any old cheese toastie, these are gourmet ones in a range of flavours; you can choose from sweet (including ingredients such as chocolate and marshmallows) or savoury.


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