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23 Month Update

It really amazes me just how much Clara grows and develops every single day.Β She’s like a sponge, just soaking up everything around her. I try to think back even three years ago when Izzy was Clara’s age and I feel guilty that I can’t remember how old she was when she did certain things. At least for Clara I will have these updates to look back on, even if I am pretty rubbish at keeping up with them (it’s been 3 months since our last update!).



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Our Weekly Roundup #13

What a bizarre week it has been – snowing one day then so warm we didn’t even have to wear coats the next. Very random! This week we have been:

  • Climbing. Or at least trying to. We took Izzy to Clip n’ Climb which is a indoor climbing centre and even though she only got a few feet off the ground she was so proud of herself. She was really nervous at first but the people who work there were really patient with her and very encouraging, and she kept trying. She can’t wait to go back and try again, to see if she can get a little bit higher next time.


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Wicked Wednesdays



So fickle! That frowny face was gone in an instant as soon as Izzy started sharing her McFlurry!

Happy Wednesday πŸ™‚

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Our Weekly Roundup #12

This week we have mainly been enjoying some sun, celebrating the royals and drinking mojitos…

  • Izzy was very excited to celebrate the Queen’s birthday this week. She got to wear a party dress to school yesterday and they played games and had party food. She told everyone she met including 3 of our neighbours and her dance teacher that “The Queen is 90 you know!”Β Last week she was telling me how she was going to marry Prince George, but this week she has changed her mind and has now decided that Clara should marry Prince George, as he is a bit young for Izzy. Instead she is going to find a 5 year old prince from another country. But of course she will have to learn the language first.Β  She’s really put a lot of thought into this!



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Our Weekly Roundup #11

The second week of the Easter holidays was a bit less busy than the first. We got to spend more time at home, watching films, playing with toys and of course eating some of the many easter eggs the girls received!

Izzy and I went to the cinema to see the latest Disney film, Zootropolis, about a bunny who wants to be a police officer. It was really good, even for the adults (although I do love anything Disney!) We went with friends and it’s so nice watching Izzy and her friend catch up. They are like an old couple sometimes, with the things they come out with!

The girls had a playdate with 2 friends that they have known for the past few months. They have really hit it off and play really nicely together. Izzy loves going round to other people’s houses, mainly because she is very nosey! She makes herself at home straight away.2016-04-13-21.17.24.jpg.jpeg


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