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Seven signs Frozen has taken over my life

Frozen has officially taken over our lives. I know this because of the following things that have happened lately…

1. Izzy can (and incessantly does) reenact the entire film word for word complete with actions and facial expressions. She gives me roles to play but gets really annoyed if I don’t get the words exactly right.

2. Whenever anyone in our house starts a sentence with the words “Do you…”, someone quickly jumps in with “wanna build a snowman?” (more…)

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One week old today

I can’t believe its been a week since our beautiful girl arrived. She has settled in well at home and her proud big sister has taken so well to suddenly having a new baby in the house.

wpid-20140603_194128.jpg (more…)

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Nemo is finally here!

11 days overdue, Nemo finally decided it was time to meet the world.

Meet Clara Lucy, born on Tuesday evening weighing a healthy 8lb 8oz.


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Proud big sister-to-be

Izzy seems to be really taking to the idea of having a brother or sister. When she talks about it there is such pride in her voice and on her face, and it makes us very proud of the way she is handling such a big change in her life. Of course once Nemo is actually here I know we will have some challenges to face and her enthusiasm may be tested, but throughout the pregnancy she has been preparing for being a big sister.

image (more…)

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Finding (a name for) Nemo

We are having a hard time trying to chose a name for baby Nemo. We have trawled through a book of 10,000+ names and have come up with a short list, but I’m not convinced we’ve found the one yet. Or two, as we need one for a girl and one for a boy.

We don’t want anything that is too popular (so there are three kids in one class with the same name) or so obscure that no one knows how to pronounce or spell it. Similarly, we don’t want anything that is too ‘chavvy’ or anything pretentious.


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